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Saint of the Day for 25 October: Saints Chrysanthemus and Daria

Chrysanthemus and Daria, the two saints who challenged the emperor


Saints Chrysanthemus and Daria




25 October


2004 edition


O God, who in the glorious martyrdom of Saints Chrysanthemus and Daria gave us a sign of your loving presence in the Church, grant that we, who trust in his intercession, may imitate him in steadfastness of faith. Through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Roman Martyrology

Rome in the cemetery of Trasóne on the Via Salaria nuova, Saints Chrysanthus and Daria, martyrs, praised by Pope Saint Damasus.


The Saint and Mission

The story of Saints Chrysanthemus and Daria is a moving hymn to the transformative power of faith and the silent power of witness. Living at a time when being a Christian could cost one’s life, these two young newlyweds not only embraced the faith with ardor but also became catalysts for a silent and powerful mission.

Chrysanthemus, the son of a noble Roman family, converted to Christianity by falling in love with its sublime and liberating truths. Daria, his faithful companion, shared and supported his decision, becoming an integral part of his life choice. Together, they created not only a marriage based on love and mutual respect, but also a missionary duo committed to spreading the Gospel by their life example.

Their mission was not expressed through great works or eloquent preaching, but rather through the quiet and courageous consistency of their daily lives. At a time when Christians were persecuted, their simple presence and their refusal to renounce their faith was in itself a powerful witness. Their home became a refuge for the faithful, a place where the Christian community could gather in prayer and mutual support.

Chrysanthemus and Daria demonstrated that Christian mission does not necessarily require striking gestures or fiery speeches. Sometimes, it is the silence of consistency, the quiet strength of faithfulness and the serene courage to live according to one’s convictions that speak louder than a thousand words. Their lives were a silent invitation to look beyond appearances, to seek deeper truth and to find the freedom and peace that come from wholeheartedly adhering to the principles of the Gospel.

The final martyrdom of Saints Chrysanthemus and Daria was the culmination of their mission. They did not seek death, but when it came, they faced it with a disarming calm, testifying to their last breath that their faith was stronger than any suffering, and that love for Christ was the true driving force of their lives.

In Chrysanthemum and Daria, we see a shining example of how mission can be lived out in every aspect of daily life, and how silent and consistent witness can be a powerful transformative force. Their story inspires us to live our faith with courage and integrity, reminding us that even in the most difficult times, our mission is to be living signs of God’s love in this world.

The Saint and Mercy

The story of Saints Chrysanthemus and Daria is imbued with a deep sense of mercy, manifested through their lives and martyrdom. This young couple, united not only by the marriage bond but also by sharing a deep and courageous faith, lived in a time of great turbulence and persecution for Christians. Yet their response to challenges and adversity was always marked by mercy and love.

Chrysanthemus, born into a pagan family, finds in the Christian faith an inexhaustible source of love and forgiveness. This discovery radically transforms him, prompting him to live the values of the Gospel authentically. Daria, his companion, becomes his ally in this journey of faith, supporting him with love and dedication. Together, they open the doors of their home and their hearts to those seeking comfort and hope, becoming a point of reference for the Christian community.

Their practice of mercy is not limited to material sharing or physical welcome; it goes far beyond that, touching the deepest chords of the soul. Chrysanthemus and Daria show by their lives that mercy is an attitude of the heart, expressed through unconditional acceptance of the other, generous forgiveness and willingness to share one’s resources, whether material or spiritual.

Their martyrdom represents the culmination of this practice of mercy. In the face of injustice and suffering, they do not resist or harbor feelings of resentment or revenge. They embrace suffering with a disarming serenity, knowing that their sacrifice is a supreme act of love and mercy. By their deaths, they testified that mercy is not an isolated or circumscribed act, but a way of being, a choice of life that permeates every action and every relationship.

Saints Chrysanthemus and Daria teach us that mercy is the most authentic and powerful response to life’s challenges and injustices. Their spiritual legacy invites us to be instruments of mercy, to live the Gospel consistently and lovingly, making our lives an unceasing hymn to God’s merciful love.


Chrysanthemus and Daria were two noble Roman spouses rich in natural gifts and wealth. Having become acquainted with the Christian religion, the husband took care to educate his bride Daria also, and she, having embraced the Catholic faith, was all zeal with her husband to win over to the truth the Roman matrons whom he had occasion to approach. Their zeal and work were most effective among the multitude of pagans, and…


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