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Saint of the Day for 25 August: St Ludwig (Louis IX)

King, Saint, Crusader: The Devoted Legacy of St Ludwig


St Ludwig (Louis IX)


King of France


1214, Poissy, France


25 August 1270, Tunis, Tunisia


25 August


2004 edition


11 August 1297, Rome, Pope Boniface VIII


O God, who called your servant Louis King of France to an earthly throne that might be added to your kingdom of heaven, and gave him zeal for your Church and love for your people: grant us on this day of remembrance the grace of good deeds, and attain to the glory of your saints; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Patron saint of

Barolo, Fenestrelle, Castelletto Uzzone


The Saint and Mission

St Ludwig, also known as Louis IX, was not just a monarch, but a spiritually enlightened leader who saw his regency as a divine mission. Determined to promote justice and uphold the Christian faith, he undertook crusades not only as military acts, but as pilgrimages of faith. His life reflects how mission can be understood not only as a work of evangelisation, but also as a daily commitment to serve God through entrusted responsibilities.

The Saint and Mercy

St Ludwig, besides being a warrior king, was a shining example of Christian mercy in his reign. He ruled with a deep sense of justice and charity, ensuring that the poor and marginalised were treated with dignity and respect. His dedication to works of mercy, both spiritual and corporal, reflects his deep commitment to living the Gospel values at the core of his sovereignty. His life shows us that the true greatness of a leader lies in his ability to serve with love and compassion.


S. Louis IX, King of France, was born in the year 1214 in Poissy, where he also received holy baptism. His parents were Louis VIII and Queen Blanche of Castile, a woman of great piety and virtue.

His mother endeavoured to inspire in him from early childhood a singular love of virtue and…


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