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Saint of the Day for 25 April: St. Mark

St. Mark the Evangelist: A Guide to the Life, Symbols and Influence of the Patron Saint of Venice


St. Mark




1st century , Cyrene


1st century, Alexandria, Egypt


25 April


2004 edition



O Glorious Saint Mark you were always in most special honor in the church, not only because of the peoples you sanctified, because of the gospel you wrote, because of the virtues you practiced, and because of the martyrdom you sustained, but again for the special care which God showed for your body portentously preserved both from the flames to which the idolaters destined it on the very day of your death, and from the desecration of the Saracens who had become masters of your tomb in Alexandria, let us imitate all your virtues.

Patron of

Pacentro, San Marco Argentano, San Marco Evangelista, San Marco dei Cavoti, Manocalzati, Futani, Boretto, Pordenone, Palmanova, Latina, Sonnino, Pallare, Civezza, Borghetto d’Arroscia, Gardone Val Trompia, Vertova, Casirate d’Adda, Foresto Sparso, Cavernago, Mantello, Pertica Alta, Castelbellino, Servigliano, Ponzano di Fermo, Camporotondo di Fiastrone, Campochiaro, Buttigliera Alta, Lerma, San Marco in Lamis, Cellino San Marco, Torricella, San Marco d’Alunzio, Baucina, Pieve a Nievole, Venezia, Cassola, Caerano di San Marco, Pramaggiore, Gambellara, Portobuffolè, Lastebasse


Of farmers, shoemakers, pharmacists, interpreters, notaries, opticians, painters, secretaries, glassmakers

Relics place

Basilica of Saint Mark

Roman Martyrology

In Alexandria the birthplace of Blessed Mark the Evangelist. The latter, a disciple and interpreter of the Apostle Peter, prayed for in Rome by the brethren, wrote the Gospel, with which he went to Egypt, and first proclaiming Christ in Alexandria, founded the Church there. Then, taken for the faith of Christ, bound with ropes and dragged among the stones, he was grievously tormented; then, shut up in prison, he was first comforted by an angelic vision, and at last, the Lord himself appearing to him, he was called to the heavenly glories, in the eighth year of Nero.


The Saint and Mission

St. Mark, one of the New Testament evangelists, left an indelible mark on the history of Christianity through his Gospel, which offers a vivid and detailed narrative of Jesus’ life. His mission was not limited to writing, however; Mark traveled widely, taking the Christian message through hostile and difficult territories, overcoming challenges and dangers to spread the faith. His work in Alexandria, Egypt, in particular, marked the beginning of one of the most important Christian communities in antiquity. Mark’s dedication to his mission is reflected in his Gospel, where his deep understanding of the meaning of sacrifice and service emerges. His life and works remain a source of inspiration for believers, underscoring the transformative power of faith and courage in facing adversity for the sake of the Gospel.

The Saint and Mercy

St. Mark, through his Gospel, conveyed a message of mercy that continues to echo through the centuries. In recounting the life of Jesus, Mark highlights episodes where compassion and mercy are manifested toward the most vulnerable and sinners. This emphasis not only enriches the understanding of Jesus’ message but also defines the character of Mark’s own mission. In his preaching and travels, Mark embodied this mercy, treating those he encountered with kindness, whether they were believers or not. His ability to see and respond to human suffering with compassion is a model of how mercy can guide action and profoundly affect people’s lives. In Mark, then, we find not only a narrator of divine mercy but also an active participant in its deployment.


S. Mark was elected by God to be the spokesman of the Holy Spirit, writing the life and doctrine of N. H. Jesus Christ in the Gospel that bears his name. He was born in Cyrene and was a cousin of St. Barnabas: his mother’s name was Mary. He remained obedient to the law of Moses until after the resurrection of Jesus, when he was by St. Peter converted to the Christian faith, instructed and created a sacred minister…


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