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Saint of the Day for 24 May: St. Mary Help of Christians

St. Mary Help of Christians: History, Devotion and Miracles of the Patroness of Christians


St. Mary Help of Christians


The help of Christians


24 May



O Mary, Mighty Virgin, Thou great illustrious garrison of the Church; Thou wondrous help of Christians; Thou terrible as an army arrayed in battle; Thou alone hast destroyed every heresy throughout the world; Thou in distress, in strife, in straits defend us from the enemy, and at the hour of death welcome our souls into Paradise! Amen

Patron of

Cassina de’ Pecchi, Bentivoglio, Aidomaggiore


The Saint and Mission

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St. Mary Help of Christians, venerated as patroness of Christians and helper of the faithful, embodies a mission of protection, support and intercession. Devotion to Mary Help of Christians is particularly rooted in the Salesian tradition, promoted by St. John Bosco, who saw in her a powerful mediatrix in difficulties and a sure guide to Christ. Mary Help of Christians’ mission is to assist the faithful in their daily needs, offering comfort in tribulations and encouragement in spiritual challenges. Through the many testimonies of miracles and graces received, her loving presence and constant commitment to protect and guide Christians toward a life of faith and hope is perceived. Mary Help of Christians also represents a model of spiritual motherhood, caring for her children with tenderness and determination. Her intercession is seen as a beacon of light that illuminates the path of believers, strengthening their trust in God’s love and mercy. Her mission continues to inspire and support millions of believers around the world, reminding them that, with her help, difficulties can be overcome and faith can flourish even in the darkest moments.

The Saint and Mercy

St. Mary Help of Christians is a powerful symbol of divine mercy. Her presence and intercession offer comfort and hope to those in distress, showing a maternal love that extends to all the faithful. Mary’s mercy is manifested in her role as protector, ready to intervene in times of need and guide believers toward God’s grace. Devotion to Mary Help of Christians emphasizes her ability to understand human suffering and bring relief through her intercession. Stories of miracles attributed to her intercession testify to her compassion and readiness to answer the prayers of the faithful. Mary Help of Christians embodies the mercy that never abandons, always seeking to bring peace and healing. Her example invites the faithful to imitate her mercy in their own lives, responding to the needs of others with love and compassion. St. Mary Help of Christians reminds us that God’s mercy is always present, ready to support and comfort, and that through prayer and faith we can find the strength and hope to overcome any difficulty.


May is the month of flowers and the Church dedicates it to the flower that does not wither, to the “rose of Jericho planted on the banks of the streams”: Mary. And in this month the shower of roses of the most beautiful graces falls from heaven on the devotees of this Mother of Mercy…


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