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Saint of the Day for 22 June: St. Paulinus of Nola

St. Paulinus of Nola: Life, Works and Legacy of the Holy Bishop and Poet


St. Paulinus of Nola



Baptismal name

Ponzio Anicio Meropio Paolino


353 AD, Bordeaux, France


431 AD, Nola, Campania


22 June


2004 edition



O Lord, the only source of holiness and admirable in your saints, who in St. Paulinus you wished to grant your Church a shining example of a witness to faith and love of you and neighbor, grant, through his intercession the abundance of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, that we may with serene confidence live our faith, know how to see and serve Christ in our brothers and sisters, and seek you in all things and above all things in our industrious journey toward eternal salvation. Amen.

Patron of

Senigallia, Torregrotta, Sutera, Villamaina


gardeners, of the bell ringers

Roman Martyrology

St. Paulinus, bishop, who, having received baptism in Bordeaux and left the office of consul, from being very noble and very rich that he was became poor and humble for Christ and, having moved to Nola in Campania near the tomb of St. Felix the priest to follow closely his example of life, led an ascetic life with his wife and companions; having become bishop, distinguished for culture and holiness, he helped pilgrims and lovingly succored the poor.


The Saint and Mission

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St. Paulinus of Nola dedicated his life to a mission of faith and service that has left an indelible mark on the history of the Church. Born into a wealthy and noble family, Paulinus abandoned his wealth and social status to follow a divine call. After the death of his only son, he retired with his wife to Nola, where he devoted himself to an ascetic life and service to the Christian community. Paulinus’ mission was characterized by a deep commitment to charity and assistance to the poor. He donated much of his wealth to the needy, building hospices and shelters for pilgrims. His life of prayer and penance was closely linked to an unceasing activity of support and comfort for those who were suffering. As bishop of Nola, Paulinus played a key role in strengthening the faith of his community. His eloquence and wisdom were evident in his writings, which included poems and letters that reflected a deep spirituality and sincere love for God. His devotion to St. Felix, a local martyr, prompted him to promote worship and build a basilica in his honor, attracting pilgrims and reinvigorating the local faith. St. Paulinus of Nola teaches us that Christian mission is a combination of contemplation and action. His life shows how service to others, motivated by a genuine love for God, can transform a community and leave a lasting legacy of faith and charity. His dedication and sacrifice are a powerful example of how true Christian mission is realized in giving all of oneself for the sake of others.

The Saint and Mercy

St. Paulinus of Nola is a splendid example of mercy lived out through personal sacrifice and unceasing commitment to the good of others. After renouncing a life of wealth and privilege, Paulinus devoted himself completely to the service of the poor and needy. His choice to abandon everything to follow Christ demonstrates a mercy that knew no bounds, directed toward anyone in need. As bishop of Nola, his mercy manifested itself in multiple ways. He built hospices to welcome pilgrims and the destitute, offering them not only physical shelter but also spiritual comfort. Paulinus was known for his generosity and willingness to listen and help anyone who came to him seeking support. His life of prayer and penance was always accompanied by concrete acts of love and compassion. Paulinus demonstrated a deep capacity for empathy, being able to see and respond to the needs of others with an open and welcoming heart. Even in his writings, his merciful spirit emerges, encouraging the faithful to live a life of charity and concern for their neighbor. St. Paulinus of Nola reminds us that mercy is an essential element of the Christian life. His life inspires us to be generous and compassionate, to respond with love to the needs of others, and to live a faith that is expressed through concrete actions of kindness and care. His legacy continues to be a beacon of light, showing that true greatness is found in humble and selfless service to others.


S. Paulinus was born in Bordeaux, France on the year 353 A.D. to an illustrious senatorial family. He sorted from nature that quick wit and happy dispositions that presaged his future greatness. To the intellectual gifts bestowed upon him by God, he combined severe and…


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