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Saint of the Day for 22 April: St. Leonidas of Alexandria

St. Leonidas of Alexandria: Life, Miracles and Message of Faith


St. Leonidas of Alexandria


Martyr, father of Origen


2nd century , Alexandria, Egypt


3rd century, Alexandria, Egypt


22 April


2004 edition



Saint Leonidas, exemplary father of seven children and intrepid confessor of the faith, to you we confidently direct our prayers, certain of your intercession with God, who is rich in goodness and mercy. We remember your martyrdom. You were faithful to the Lord to the supreme gift of life. Pray for us, that we may witness consistently every day to the profession of our faith. We remember your love for the word of God. You educated your son Origen in the love of Sacred Scripture from his earliest age. Pray for us, that we may not forget that ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ. We remember your singular piety. During the night you would approach little Origen and kiss his chest, as if it were a shrine of the Holy Spirit. Pray for us, that we may always revive the awareness that we are God’s temple. We remember your gratitude to the Lord. Give thanks daily for the gift of your family. Pray for us, that our prayer may be animated by praise and joyful proclamation of the magnificence of God, Father and Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.

Roman Martyrology

In Alexandria the birthplace of St. Leonidas Martyr, who suffered under Sevèro.


The Saint and Mission

St. Leonidas of Alexandria embodied deep dedication to religious mission through his life and teaching. As a bishop and defender of the faith, he was distinguished by his determination to spread the Gospel despite the persecution of the time. His witness of courage and sacrifice still inspires those dedicated to spreading the faith today, encouraging them to persevere in the mission of bringing the light of Christianity into the darkness of the world.

The Saint and Mercy

St. Leonidas of Alexandria is a vivid example of compassion and love for others, perfectly embodying the principle of mercy. Through his life and example, he shows us the profound meaning of understanding and alleviating the suffering of others with kindness and compassion. His dedication to the cause of mercy has enlightened the path of many, inspiring them to practice compassion and help toward those in need.


This name was already borne and illustrated by the valiant king of Sparta who fell at Thermopylae at the head of his heroic soldiers. The Christian Leonidas was also a valiant fighter who sealed his life and faith with martyrdom. What is more, he had the good fortune to be the father of one of the most fervent Christian writers and…


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