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Saint of the Day for 21 May: St. Victor of Caesarea

St. Victor of Caesarea: Life, Martyrdom and Legacy of the Holy Warrior


St. Victor of Caesarea




Caesarea of Cappadocia


21 May


O glorious St. Victor, with devotion we address our prayer to you. You, ever observant of the teachings of the Gospel, offered your life to God amid the torments of martyrdom. Admiring your heroism, we implore the Lord to be ever faithful to our religion; to keep us serene in the trials of life and to know how to resist the temptations of the devil. O St. Victor, by your intercession protect us from the scourges of nature and evil spirits; comfort the afflicted in body and spirit. Obtain for all of us from the Lord perseverance, that at the end of this life, we may come to contemplate, beside you the face of God in the glory of Paradise. Amen.

Patron of

Roccella Ionica, Feletto


From lightning, hail, evil spirits

Roman Martyrology

In Caesarea, Cappadocia, the birthplace of the holy martyrs Polieuto, Victor and Donatus.

The Saint and Mission

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St. Victor of Caesarea is remembered for his extraordinary courage and unwavering faith in the face of persecution. Born at a time when Christians were often persecuted for their faith, Victor served as a soldier under the Roman Empire. His main mission was not only to defend his homeland, but also to witness to his Christian faith in a hostile environment. When he was asked to renounce Christianity and sacrifice to the pagan gods, Victor steadfastly refused, demonstrating extraordinary strength of character and total dedication to Christ. His resistance to the pressure and torture inflicted on him is a testimony to his commitment to his faith. Even in the face of death, Victor maintained his faith, becoming an example of how true Christian mission can require the supreme sacrifice. His life and martyrdom inspired many other Christians to remain steadfast in the faith despite difficulties. St. Victor of Caesarea teaches us that Christian mission is fueled by a deep faith and courage that does not bend in the face of fear or persecution, but finds its strength in hope and the promise of eternal life.

The Saint and Mercy

St. Victor of Caesarea is a shining example of how mercy can manifest itself through strength of character and unwavering faith. Although he was a Roman soldier, his real battle was spiritual, struggling to remain faithful to Christian principles in a context that demanded their renunciation. His mercy was reflected in his refusal to deny his faith, choosing rather to face martyrdom than compromise his spiritual integrity. His attitude toward his persecutors, characterized by extraordinary calm and dignity, showed a deep understanding of divine mercy. Victor did not respond with hatred or resentment, but with a firm witness of faith and forgiveness, forgiving those who tortured him and praying for them. His life reminds us that mercy can be experienced in all circumstances, even in the harshest trials, and that through our faith and example, we can convey God’s love and compassion, even in situations of great suffering.


Tradition has it that he was a Roman soldier who suffered martyrdom in Caesarea of Cappadocia with Polieuto and Donatus. The Catholic Church venerates him on May 21: he was listed in the Hieronimian Martyrology, which mentions him on May 21 along with the other two martyrs Polieutus and…


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