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Saint of the Day for 21 June: St. Louis Gonzaga

St. Louis Gonzaga: Life, Devotion and Example of Purity of the Patron Saint of Youth


St. Louis Gonzaga



Baptismal name

Luigi Gonzaga


March 9, 1568, Castiglione delle Stiviere, Mantua


June 21, 1591, Rome


21 June


2004 edition


October 19, 1605, Rome, Pope Paul V


Dec. 31, 1726, Rome, Pope Benedict XIII


O lovable St. Louis, whose unblemished purity made him similar to the Angels, and whose ardent love to God equaled the Seraphim of Heaven, turn upon me a look of mercy. You see how many enemies surround me, how many occasions undermine my soul; and how the coldness of my love to God puts me in danger of offending Him at every turn and turning away from Him, allowing myself to be lured to the fallacious pleasures of earth. Save me, O great saint, to You I entrust myself. Impose upon me You ardent love for Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and obtain for me grace that I always approach the Eucharistic Banquet with a pure and contrite heart, filled with living faith and deep humility. My communions then will be, as they were for You, a powerful drug of immortality, a sweet fragrance of God’s eternal kiss.

Patron of

Aliano, Monzuno, Coli, Valmontone, Castiglione delle Stiviere, Gadesco-Pieve Delmona, Visano, Cuorgnè, Villafalletto, Rondissone, Brusasco, Rifreddo, Castiglione Tinella, Somano, Rosolini, Comano Terme, Campello sul Clitunno, Castel d’Azzano


Of young people, young Catholics, AIDS patients, ministries, students

Relics place

Sanctuary Basilica of San Luigi Gonzaga

Official website

Roman Martyrology

Memory of Saint Luigi Gonzaga, a religious, who, born of princely lineage and known to all for his purity, left his ancestral principality to his brother and joined the Society of Jesus in Rome, but, worn out in physique by the assistance he gave to plague victims, went while still young to meet his death.


The Saint and Mission

St. Louis Gonzaga dedicated his life to a mission of purity, service and devotion to God. Born into a noble family, he renounced all riches and privileges to embrace religious life as a Jesuit. From a young age, Louis showed an incredible dedication to prayer and penance, striving to live a life of holiness at all times. His mission was manifested in service to others, especially during the plague epidemics that struck Rome. Louis cared for the sick with great love and courage, demonstrating deep compassion and personal sacrifice. His life was an example of how true greatness is found in humble and selfless service to others. St. Louis Gonzaga is remembered not only for his purity and devotion, but also for his ability to inspire young people to live a life dedicated to God. His mission lives on through his example, which teaches the importance of prayer, service and personal sacrifice for the good of others. His legacy as patron of Catholic youth is a constant reminder to live a life of holiness and service.

The Saint and Mercy

St. Luigi Gonzaga is a shining example of Christian mercy lived through sacrifice and service. From an early age, Luigi showed extraordinary sensitivity to the sufferings of others, dedicating his life to God and neighbor. He abandoned his noble status and associated privileges to join the Society of Jesus, eager to serve humbly. His mercy was especially intense during the plague epidemic in Rome. Louis engaged in caring for the sick, despite the danger of contagion. His compassionate heart prompted him to care for those most in need, offering not only material care but also spiritual comfort. His dedication was so deep that he eventually contracted the disease, accepting suffering with faith and serenity. Luigi Gonzaga teaches us that mercy is made up of concrete gestures of love and service, often at the cost of great personal sacrifice. His life shows that true mercy goes beyond words, expressing itself in actions that bring relief and hope to the afflicted. His legacy invites us to live with an open and generous heart, always looking for ways to alleviate the suffering of others and bear witness to God’s love in the world.


He was born to Maria Santena of Chieri and Marquis Ferdinand, a descendant of the noble and powerful Gonzaga family, in 1568. From his mother, along with milk he also sucked the first germs of holiness, foreshadowing the lofty degree of perfection to which he would so quickly ascend. While still a child, many times he was seen by servants and…


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