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Saint of the Day for 20 October: St Mary Bertilla Boscardin

St. Mary Bertilla Boscardin: Light of Mercy and Dedication


St Mary Bertilla Boscardin




Oct. 06, 1888, Brendola


October 20, 1922, Treviso


20 October


2004 edition


June 08, 1952, Rome, Pope Pius XII


May 11, 1961, Rome, Pope John XXIII


O most humble St. Maria Bertilla, chaste flower grown amid the shadows of Calvary, who exalted the fragrance of your virtues in the presence of God alone, for the comfort of the suffering, we invoke you. Deh, obtain for us from the Lord your humility and charity by which you so pleased Him and that flame of purest love that all consumed you. Teach us to reap fruits of peace from perfect dedication to our duties, to merit, through your intercession, the grace we need and the eternal reward in Heaven.

Roman Martyrology

In Treviso, St. Maria Bertilla (Anna Francesca) Boscardin, a virgin of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Dorothy of the Sacred Hearts, who worked in the hospital for the health of the sick in body and spirit.


The Saint and Mission

In the history of the Church, many saints have embodied the Gospel message with their lives, becoming a shining witness of faith and charity for future generations. Prominent among them is the figure of St. Maria Bertilla Boscardin, whose existence deeply touched the lives of those who were fortunate enough to cross her path.

St. Maria Bertilla was not a saint of great miracles or extraordinary visions, but rather a woman who deeply understood the mission entrusted to her by Christ: to serve with love and dedication those most in need. Her vocation led her to join the Sisters of St. Dorothy, where she began uninterrupted service as a nurse, mainly at the hospital in Treviso.

Her mission was never simple. At a time when medicine was still being developed and care was often primitive, St. Maria Bertilla faced enormous challenges. However, it was not so much her professional competence that made her stand out, but rather her ability to see in every patient the face of Christ. This perception transformed her every action into an act of love, making her presence a source of comfort and hope for many.

In a world that is often hectic and indifferent to the suffering of others, St. Maria Bertilla’s mission reminds us of the importance of stopping, listening, and caring. Her dedication to caring for the sick, particularly children with polio and wounded soldiers during World War I, was a tangible expression of her deep connection to Christ’s mission on earth.

Through his example, we can understand that every gesture of love, even the smallest, has deep meaning and can transform the lives of those who receive it. Mission is not necessarily something extraordinary or striking, but can be found in the everyday, in the simple actions we perform every day with love and dedication.

The story of St. Maria Bertilla Boscardin invites us to reflect on our role in the world and the mission God has entrusted to us. Each individual has a unique and irreplaceable task, a special way of bringing God’s love into the world. Like St. Maria Bertilla, we too are called to live our vocation with passion and dedication, always remembering that true mission is not measured by great feats, but by the ability to love and serve with a sincere heart.

The life of St. Maria Bertilla Boscardin is a shining testimony of how mission can be lived in simplicity and humility, showing us that it is possible to find God in small things and that, through love, we can truly change the world.

The Saint and Mercy

St. Maria Bertilla Boscardin, a figure of humility and dedication, represents a living manifestation of God’s mercy through her works and commitment. Her life, marked by simplicity and service, is a reminder of the transformative power of mercy in daily life.

From her youth, Bertilla faced numerous obstacles and challenges, including health problems and difficulties in education. However, these adversities only strengthened her desire to serve God and others. Upon joining the Sisters of St. Dorothy, her vocation led her to serve as a nurse, where she had the opportunity to show her innate ability to care with love and compassion.

In her service as a nurse during World War I, St. Maria Bertilla showed special concern for the most vulnerable, particularly wounded and sick soldiers. Her presence was a tangible sign of divine mercy, a light in moments of darkness and despair. His approach to care was not limited only to the physical aspect, but embraced the whole person, recognizing the inestimable dignity of each individual.

Mercy, as shown by St. Mary Bertilla, is not just an external act of kindness or charity, but emerges from a deep awareness of God’s presence in each person. Her ability to see Christ in the sick and suffering enabled her to serve with a dedication and love that transcended normal human capabilities. On many occasions, she overcame weariness, challenges and misunderstandings to be at the side of those in need.

Her example reminds us that mercy is not a distant ideal or an abstract concept, but a living reality that can be embodied through concrete actions. St. Maria Bertilla Boscardin did not seek recognition or praise for her work; she was moved by the pure joy of serving and loving, thus revealing the merciful face of God to the world.

In her simplicity and humility, St. Maria Bertilla became a model for all who seek to live a life of mercy. Her deep connection with Christ and her generous response to God’s love show us that true mercy comes from a heart united with God and open to the needs of others. Through her intercession and example, we are called to embody that same mercy in our daily lives, recognizing that every gesture of love and care carries the imprint of the divine.


Anna Francesca Boscardin was born in Brendola, Vicenza, Italy, on October 6, 1888. Angelo, the father, unlike his virtuous bride and pious, naive daughter, was anything but an angel of goodness. When the fumes of wine, to which he was addicted, rose to his brain, and a gloomy and unfounded jealousy for his bride invaded him, then the man became a beast. His wickedness had insane outbursts of anger that were frightening. Anna always tried, but often to no avail, to defend Mother and…


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