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Saint of the Day for 20 April: St. Sara of Antioch

St. Sara of Antioch: Life, Miracles and Devotion of the Patron Saint


St. Sara of Antioch




3rd century, Antioch, Turkey


April 20, 305, Antioch, Turkey


20 April



O glorious Saint Sara, by Your intercession obtain for us from the merciful ‘God the Holy perseverance in good, even unto death, that we may one day come to thank You in Heaven for Your beneficent protection and together with You praise and bless the Supreme God for all eternity.


The Saint and Mission

St. Sara of Antioch, with her fervent devotion and commitment to spreading the Christian faith, represents a shining example of dedication to spiritual mission. Through her life and sacrifice, St. Sara bore witness to the message of love and hope, bringing the light of the Gospel to those in need. Her missionary work has been a guiding light for many, inspiring others to follow the path of faith and share the joy of Christianity with the world.

The Saint and Mercy

St. Sara of Antioch, with her compassionate heart and generosity toward those who were suffering, perfectly embodied the value of mercy. Through her life of prayer, service and compassion, she demonstrated a sincere love and kindness that touched the lives of many. Her disposition to welcome and assist those in need reflects the depth of divine mercy and reminds us of the importance of extending a hand to others with kindness and compassion.


The Alexandrian Synaxarium is the only document to bear written record of St. Sara who lived between the 3rd and 4th centuries, placing the commemorative day of her “rebirth to heaven” (dies natalis) on April 20…


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