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Saint of the Day for 19 June: St. Romuald

St. Romuald: Life, Hermitage and Foundation of the Order of the Camaldolese


St. Romuald




c. 952, Ravenna


June 19, 1027, Fabriano


June 19 and February 7


2004 edition


1595, Rome, Pope Clement VIII


O God, Father of light from whom every gift comes, you granted St. Romuald perfect compunction of heart and deep spiritual intelligence of the Scriptures. Grant that we too, assiduous in listening to your word, may be renewed by your Spirit and made conformed to Christ your Son who lives and reigns with you for ever and ever. Amen.

Patron of


Roman Martyrology

St. Romuald, anchorite and father of the Camaldolese monks, who, originally from Ravenna, wishing to embrace the eremitic life and discipline, traveled around Italy for many years, building small monasteries and assiduously promoting the evangelical life among monks everywhere, until in the monastery of Val di Castro in the Marches he happily put an end to his labors.


The Saint and Mission

St. Romuald, born in the 10th century, is known for his life of hermitage and for founding the Camaldolese Order. After witnessing a tragic duel between his father and a relative, Romuald was driven to seek an existence of penance and prayer. He entered a Benedictine monastery, but soon felt the need for an even more austere and contemplative life. St. Romuald’s mission was to renew monastic life, seeking a balance between hermitage and community life. He founded several hermitages and monasteries, where monks could devote themselves to a life of solitude, prayer and manual labor, while maintaining the support of a community. His rule combined the rigor of hermitage with the stability and support of monastic life, creating a new model of religious life that could adapt to the spiritual needs of different individuals. Romuald traveled through Italy, founding communities and inspiring many with his example of holiness and devotion. His life was a constant call to conversion, prayer and penance, showing that the true pursuit of God requires dedication and sacrifice. His mission lives on in the Camaldolese Order, which carries on his spirit of renewal and deep spirituality. St. Romuald reminds us that the search for God can lead to radical choices, but that these choices can transform not only one’s own life but also that of the surrounding communities.

The Saint and Mercy

St. Romuald represents a profound example of mercy lived through penance and prayer. His decision to abandon worldly life and devote himself to hermitage was motivated by an intense desire to intercede for the world and atone for sins. This choice of an austere life was not a rejection of the world, but an act of love and compassion, an offering of self for the good of others. Romuald founded the Order of the Camaldolese with the intention of creating an environment where God’s mercy could be deeply contemplated and experienced. In his hermitages, the monks lived in silence and solitude, but always with a heart open to the suffering of the world. Their unceasing prayer was an act of mercy, a way of bringing the needs of the world before God. St. Romuald’s life teaches us that mercy is not only an action toward others, but also a depth of communion with God that transforms the heart. His life example invites us to consider how we can, in our lives, find moments of silence and prayer to intercede for the world, to express our compassion through spiritual connection with God. St. Romuald shows us that true mercy is rooted in relationship with God and is expressed through dedication to a life of prayer and penance.

The Congregation of the Camaldolese

The Congregation of the Camaldolese, founded by St. Romuald in the 10th century, represents a unique synthesis of hermitism and community life. Their spirituality is characterized by a deep commitment to prayer, penance and manual labor, all lived in a harmonious balance between solitude and community. Camaldolese monks follow a rule that allows them to live in individual hermitages within a shared monastic environment, thus fostering a deep interior life without losing fraternal support. The Camaldolese are known for their strict discipline, which includes periods of silence and meditation, as well as a life of austere simplicity. This lifestyle reflects St. Romuald’s intent to create a space where monks could devote themselves completely to the search for God, far from the distractions of the world. Their prayer and work are offered as an act of mercy for the world, interceding for the needs of humanity and seeking to live in harmony with creation. The Camaldolese community is also committed to hospitality, offering spiritual retreats and hospitality to those seeking peace and reflection. This spirit of hospitality reflects their commitment to share the mercy and serenity they find in their contemplative life. The Camaldolese presence in the world is a constant reminder of the possibility of a life of deep prayer and service, inspiring many to seek a more intimate relationship with God and greater harmony with their neighbors.


S. Romuald was born in Ravenna to the noble family of the Onesti: the customs of the lineage, however, did not match the name. Duke Sergius, father of our saint, a hot-tempered man and not at all religious, came into dispute with a relative over the possession of a farm, and challenged him to a duel. Romuald though he abhorred bloodshed, compelled by his father, had to witness that unreasonable act that ended in the killing of his opponent. At that sight his heart was horrified and…


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