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Saint of the Day for 18 April: St. Galdino

St. Galdino: Life, Miracles and Influence of the Patron Saint of Milan


St. Galdino




1096, Milan


April 18, 1176, Milan


18 April


2004 edition


We beseech thee, O Lord, graciously grant us thy help, and through the intercession of St. Galdinus bishop, extend over us thy protection against the manifold snares of the enemy. Amen

Roman Martyrology

In Milan, St. Galdino, bishop, who worked to rebuild the city destroyed by wars for power and, at the end of a speech against heretics, rendered the spirit to God.


The Saint and Mission

St. Galdino, as the patron saint of Milan, played a fundamental role in the city’s history. His mission, centered on faith and love of neighbor, has left an indelible mark. His dedication to the Church and community helped shape Milan’s cultural and spiritual identity. St. Galdino was not only a religious leader, but also a beacon of hope and an example of selfless service. His life and mission continue to inspire many people, strengthening their faith and guiding them on their spiritual journey.

The Saint and Mercy

St. Galdino is a symbol of mercy in the heart of Milan. His life was a shining example of compassion and forgiveness, values that permeated his mission and ministry. His ability to see beyond human imperfections and extend mercy to all, regardless of their status or past actions, is a powerful message that still resonates today. St. Galdino reminds us that mercy is at the heart of the Christian faith, a gift of grace that we can all choose to offer. His life and example continue to inspire and guide many on their faith journey.


In 1162 Frederick Barbarossa, Emperor of Germany, sacked Milan. This is the period when Free Communes were formed in Italian cities and against these autonomies precisely Barbarossa fights; it is the period of the Lombard League, of the oath of Pontida, when the communes allied to resist imperial authority and…


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