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Saint of the Day for 17 May: St. Paschal Baylon

St. Paschal Baylon: Life, Miracles and Patronage of the Saint of the Eucharist


St. Paschal Baylon


Franciscan religious


May 16, 1540, Torrehermosa, Spain


May 17, 1592, Valencia, Spain


17 May


2004 edition


Oct. 29, 1618, Rome, Pope Paul V


Oct. 16, 1690, Rome, Pope Alexander III


Glorious St. Paschal, here we prostrate at the foot of your altar to implore your help in our spiritual and bodily miseries. You, who always wipe away the tears of those who suffer, hear from heaven our humble prayer, intercede for us before the Throne of the Most High and obtain for us the grace we so ardently desire. True, the many faults we have committed make us unworthy of being heard, but our hope is answered in You, in Your portentous thaumaturgical virtue that has made You dear to God and lovable to men. Hear therefore our voice, and we and those who continually feel the beneficial effects of your powerful mediation will celebrate your name for all eternity.

Patron of

Ameglia, Tollo, Cappelle sul Tavo, Bisenti, Laviano, Brugnato, Stio, Furore, Terre Roveresche


cooks, women, Eucharistic works and congresses, pastry chefs, pastors

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Roman Martyrology

At Villa Reale in Spain, St. Paschal, of the Order of the Minorites, Confessor, a man of marvelous innocence and penitence, who was declared by Pope Leo the Tenth was declared the heavenly Patron of Eucharistic Congresses and Associations in honor of the Most Holy Eucharist.


The Saint and Mission

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St. Paschal Baylon dedicated his life to devotion and service, embodying a mission deeply rooted in love for the Eucharist. Born into a family of shepherds in Spain, Paschal spent the early years of his life working as a pastor, where he developed deep spiritual contemplation. Feeling the divine call, he entered the Franciscan order as a lay brother, where he distinguished himself by his humility, piety and extraordinary zeal for Eucharistic adoration. His main mission was to promote the worship of the Eucharist, and his love for the Sacrament of the Altar led him to spend long hours in adoration, even when his daily duties as porter and cook kept him busy. Paschal was known for his spirit of service, always ready to help others and accomplish any task with a smile and a heart full of joy. His deep faith and example of life attracted many to greater Eucharistic devotion. Through his simple and devout life, St. Paschal Baylon showed how a Christian’s mission can be lived through humble service and deep worship. His canonization recognizes the power of his example, which continues to inspire the faithful to a life of prayer, adoration and loving service.

The Saint and Mercy

St. Paschal Baylon is a shining example of how mercy can be lived daily through acts of humility and service. His deep devotion to the Eucharist nurtured an unconditional love for others, reflecting the mercy of Christ present in the Sacrament. Paschal was known for his kindness and helpfulness, welcoming each person with a smile and a word of comfort. His monastic life was not only dedicated to prayer and contemplation, but also to the practical support of his fellow friars and the poor who knocked on the convent door. Despite his simple origins and modest role as a lay brother, Paschal demonstrated great spiritual wisdom and an extraordinary ability to listen to and understand the sufferings of others. His mercy manifested itself in small daily gestures, such as sharing what little food he had or taking time to listen and console those in distress. This ability to see Christ in others and to respond with love and compassion made St. Paschal Baylon a model of Christian life, showing that mercy knows no barriers and can be practiced by everyone, at every moment of life.


While the heresy of Jansenius that turned people away from the Eucharist was spreading, great saints also arose to defend the august Sacrament of Love. And on May 16, 1540, the saint of the Eucharist was born in Torre Hermosa, Spain: Paschal Baylon, declared by Leo XIII heavenly patron of Eucharistic Congresses and…


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