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Saint of the Day for 17 April: St. Robert of La Chaise-Dieu

St. Robert of La Chaise-Dieu: Life, Miracles and Devoted Worship


St. Robert of La Chaise-Dieu




Around 1000, France


17 April 1067, Chaise-Dieu, France


17 April


2004 edition


1351, Rome, Pope Clement VI

Roman Martyrology

In the monastery of Chaise-Dieu near Clermont-Ferrand in France, Saint Robert, abbot, who gathered some brothers in the same place where he lived in solitude, winning many souls to the Lord with the word of preaching and with his example of life.



The Saint and Mission

Saint Robert of La Chaise-Dieu embodied the essence of mission through his tireless commitment to spreading the faith and the evangelical message. As a Benedictine monk and founder of the Abbey of La Chaise-Dieu, he dedicated his life to prayer, meditation and service to others. His mission was not limited to monastic life, but also extended to pastoral ministry and the spiritual education of people. Through his example of humility, sacrifice and love for others, he inspired many to follow Christ and embrace the Gospel in their daily lives. His testimony continues to resonate today, encouraging those who seek to live a life of holiness and service.

The Saint and Mercy

Saint Robert of La Chaise-Dieu was a beacon of mercy in his life and ministry. Through his practice of charity, compassion and forgiveness, he demonstrated God’s unconditional love to others. His dedication to serving others, especially the most needy and marginalized, embodied the evangelical values of mercy and solidarity. Saint Robert offered his merciful heart to those who suffered, bringing comfort and hope to those in need. His life is a constant reminder to live by the principles of divine mercy, spreading love and compassion wherever he goes.


In fairy tales, which are almost all of French or German origin, one of the main protagonists is always the forest, suggestive and scary. As in fairy tales, Saint Robert was born in the middle of a forest, just before the year 1000. Not the son of woodcutters, as one might believe, but of a noblewoman of the Turlandia family, caught in the pangs of childbirth in the depths of a forest, while she was on her way to a nearby castle. It was immediately said that the newborn was destined to become a famous hermit; And…


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