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Saint of the Day for 16 May: St. Ubaldo of Gubbio

St. Ubaldo of Gubbio: Life and Legends of the Protector and Patron of the City


St. Ubaldo of Gubbio




16 May


2004 edition


We beseech Thee, O Lord, graciously grant us Thy help, and through the intercession of Blessed Ubaldo, Thy Confessor and Pontiff, stretch Thy protection over us against the manifold snares of the enemy. Amen

Patron of

Gubbio, Civitella del Tronto, Taranta Peligna

Roman Martyrology

In Gubbio, Umbria, St. Ubaldo, bishop, who worked for the renewal of the community life of the clergy.

The Saint and Mission

St. Ubaldo of Gubbio, bishop and patron of the city, dedicated his life to the mission of serving his community with devotion and integrity. Born into a noble family, he chose a life of austerity and humility, abandoning privilege to devote himself completely to the spiritual and material care of his fellow citizens. His mission manifested itself through the reform of the clergy and the establishment of stricter ecclesiastical discipline, aiming to raise the moral and spiritual standards of his diocese. Ubaldo was known for his compassion toward the poor and sick, spending time and resources to alleviate their suffering. Even during the political crises and wars that plagued Gubbio, St. Ubaldo remained a figure of peace and reconciliation, often intervening to mediate conflicts and protect the city from attack. His dedication to pastoral mission is also remembered for the miracles attributed to him, which strengthened the community’s faith and hope. His canonization and continued veneration to this day testify to the lasting impact of his mission, making him a model of spiritual leadership and selfless service. The Feast of the Candles, celebrated annually in Gubbio, is a vibrant tribute to his legacy, uniting the community in an act of collective devotion that honors his memory and his unceasing mission of love and service.

The Saint and Mercy

St. Ubaldo of Gubbio embodied mercy through every aspect of his life and ministry. As bishop, he devoted himself passionately to serving the poor and the sick, offering not only material aid but also spiritual comfort. His door was always open to anyone in need, and his kindness and patience made him beloved by the entire community. Even in situations of conflict and tension, Ubaldo acted as a mediator, always trying to bring peace and reconciliation. His ability to forgive and understand the sins of others, and to respond with compassion rather than judgment, demonstrated a deeply merciful heart. This spirit of mercy not only alleviated people’s immediate suffering, but also inspired a sense of hope and the possibility of redemption. St. Ubaldo reminds us that true mercy manifests itself in attentive listening, sincere forgiveness and selfless service to others, reflecting God’s love in everyday actions.


Ubaldo was born in Gubbio around 1085. Orphaned of both parents, he was educated by a very religious uncle, who nevertheless thwarted his plans, manifested when he was fifteen years old, to retire to a solitary life; he did, however, allow him to associate with the canons of San Secondo…


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