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Saint of the Day for 16 June: Saints Quirico and Giulitta

Saints Quirico and Giulitta: Life, Martyrdom and Devotion to the Holy Martyrs


Saints Quirico and Giulitta




16 June


2004 edition

Patron of

Sante Marie, Solaro, Paullo, Cavaria con Premezzo, Locate Varesino, Ternate, Lezzeno, Corvino San Quirico, Serra San Quirico, Lapedona, Borgo San Martino, Olcenengo, Castelnuovo Bormida, Cella Monte, Greggio, Cisternino, Norbello, Cargeghe, Ussaramanna, Collesalvetti, San Quirico d’Orcia, Tresana

Roman Martyrology

In Asia Minor, commemoration of Saints Quirico and Giulitta, martyrs.


The Saint and Mission

Saints Quirico and Giulitta, mother and son, are remembered as fourth-century Christian martyrs who bore witness to their faith with extraordinary courage. Julitta, a young widow, fled her hometown with little Quiricus to avoid persecution, but they were captured and brought before the governor. Despite threats and torture, Julitta remained steadfast in her faith, refusing to deny Christ. Quirico, although very young, followed his mother’s example, demonstrating surprising faith for his age. Their mission was fulfilled in the supreme act of witness, facing martyrdom rather than abandoning their faith. The story of Quirico and Giulitta is a powerful testimony to the love of a mother who not only educates her son in the faith but also guides him in the supreme act of martyrdom. Their sacrifice has inspired generations of Christians, becoming an example of how faith can be lived and witnessed even in the most difficult circumstances. The mission of Quirico and Giulitta reminds us of the importance of faithfulness to Christ and the courage to bear witness to one’s faith, regardless of the consequences. Their lives and martyrdom are a constant reminder of the power of faith and the importance of mutual support in the Christian community.

The Saint and Mercy

Saints Quirico and Giulitta are emblematic of a mercy that defies the most difficult circumstances. Julitta, a devoted mother, faced persecution with unwavering faith, passing this strength on to her young son Quirico. Their story is a powerful example of how divine mercy can manifest itself through sacrifice and witness. Julitta, aware of the dangers she faced, chose to flee with Quirico to protect him, demonstrating a maternal love that transcended the fear of death. When they were captured, their suffering only amplified their faith and compassion. Julitta, even in the face of torture, continued to show incredible mercy, praying for her persecutors and maintaining a spirit of forgiveness. Little Quirico, though so young, showed an extraordinary understanding of God’s faith and mercy. His innocence and courage touched the hearts of many, proving that mercy is ageless and that faith can be strong even in the youngest. Their story reminds us that mercy can be found even in times of great suffering and sacrifice. Saints Quirico and Giulitta teach us that true mercy involves unconditional love and a faith that does not waver, even in the face of death. Their lives and martyrdom continue to inspire and remind the faithful of the importance of mercy and forgiveness in the Christian journey.


Quirico and Giulitta, were fourth-century martyrs a small child, about three years old, and his mother, a matron of royal lineage, from Iconium (Konya) in Lycaonia, a central region of present-day Turkey. At the violent outbreak of Diocletian’s persecution of spreading Christians, ordered by the governor Domitian, Julitta, left a widow and…


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