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Saint of the Day for 15 May: St. Isidore the farmer

St. Isidore the Farmer: Life, Miracles and Patronage of the Protector of Farmers


St. Isidore the farmer




11th Century, Madrid, Spain


XII Century, Madrid, Spain


15 May


2004 edition


May 2, 1619, Rome, Pope Paul V


March 12, 1622, Rome, Pope Gregory XV


Holy Father, from you descends the fullness of every blessing and to you rises the voice of the people who bless your name. In your benevolence protect all farmers and their instruments of labor grant that through their industriousness and help they may manifest the wonders of your creation. Through the intercession of St. Isidore the Farmer grant O Lord to all workers of the earth and to all of us, a pure heart, that your seed may bear much fruit in our lives. Enkindle in our hearts charity toward all our brothers and sisters, that united in Your name after spending our earthly lives in peace and honesty we may come one day to enjoy You in heaven.

Patron of

Giarre, Centallo, Villanova d’Asti, Farnese


Of farmers, fields, peasants, crops

Roman Martyrology

In Madrid Saint Isidore the farmer, who, illustrious for miracles, was inscribed by Pope Gregory the tenth-fifth in the catalog of saints, along with Saints Ignatius, Francis Xavier, Teresa and Philip Neri.



The Saint and Mission

St. Isidore the farmer is an extraordinary example of how faith can be lived through daily work, transforming ordinary activities into a spiritual mission. His life as a humble farmer near Madrid was not separated from his deep spirituality; indeed, Isidore integrated prayer and work in a mutually reinforcing way. It is said that he would rise before dawn each day to attend Mass before starting work in the fields, thus demonstrating his dedication to both God and his earthly vocation. St. Isidore’s mission did not consist in exceptional acts of evangelization, but in living his simple life with exceptional faith. This approach to holiness, based on witnessing God’s presence in the world through the diligent and devoted fulfillment of one’s daily duties, made Isidore a model for workers, especially farmers, who saw in him an example of how grace can flourish in everyday life. His ability to find sacredness in daily work and to maintain a constant connection with the divine through everyday activities is a powerful reminder that the mission of every Christian can be lived with integrity and devotion, no matter how humble the circumstances may seem. St. Isidore teaches us that any work, when performed with love and faith, can become an act of worship and a focus of spiritual mission.

The Saint and Mercy

St. Isidore the farmer is celebrated not only for his tireless commitment to work, but also for his deep spirit of mercy and generosity. Despite his modest living conditions and limited economic means, Isidore was always ready to share what he had with those less fortunate than himself. It is said that he often brought food to the poor and offered hospitality to those in need, demonstrating that true mercy consists not so much in the magnitude of the act as in the sincerity of the heart with which it is performed. This attitude of openness and sharing was rooted in his faith, which prompted him to see Christ in every person in need. Isidore practiced mercy with a humility and naturalness that transformed ordinary acts of charity into extraordinary testimonies of Christian love. His life reflects the teaching that mercy is a form of service that enriches both those who receive it and those who offer it, creating a community of mutual support based on the recognition of the dignity of each person. St. Isidore the farmer remains an inspiring example of how mercy can be woven into the daily fabric of life, showing that every act of kindness and every moment of sharing are precious opportunities to manifest God’s love in the world.


The origins and details of St. Isidore’s life are lost in the obscurity of the Middle Ages, and only a few news and anecdotes came to us: few, but more than enough to reveal to us his sanctity. God himself wished to manifest the glory of this. saint by preserving his incorrupt body to this day, and…


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