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Saint of the Day for 15 August: Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Heavenly Triumph of the Mother of God


Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary


Mary assumed into heaven


15 August


2004 edition


Bless, my soul, the most high God, for he has deigned to raise up in body and soul to heaven the humble maiden of Nazareth. Bless all creatures the Father, for he chose a woman of our race, to manifest in her the victory over death and corruption, as the first fruits, together with Christ, of our destiny. Bless all the redeemed our Lord Jesus Christ, for in Mary, his Mother, assumed into heaven, he makes all the effects of redemption shine forth in his splendour. Let us bless the Holy Spirit, who made blaze in the being of Mary of Nazareth the fire that is not consumed and the light that is not quenched. May all creatures, together with Mary, praise God. So be it.

Patron of

Altamura, Fermo, Lucera, Selargius, Mogliano Veneto, Roseto degli Abruzzi, Pachino, Senago, Piazza Armerina, Gussago

Roman Martyrology

Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God and our Lord Jesus Christ, who, having completed the course of her earthly life, was assumed body and soul into heavenly glory. This truth of faith received from the tradition of the Church was solemnly defined by Pope Pius XII.


The Saint and Mission

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into heaven reveals not only the final destination of redeemed humanity, but also the special role Mary plays in God’s salvific plan. This mystery is intrinsically linked to the universal mission of the Church.

Mary, who during her earthly life accepted with humility and faith the divine call to become Mother of God, continues her mission in heaven, interceding for us as Mother of the Church. Her Assumption, therefore, is not only a reality that concerns her personally, but also underlines her ongoing task in supporting the Church’s mission on earth.

Mary’s presence in heaven, body and soul, serves as a shining beacon for all believers. Her Assumption reminds us that our true mission, like Mary’s, is one of fidelity to God, of accepting and witnessing to His love in the world. Mary, through her life and now through her Assumption, teaches us that the true mission is to say ‘yes’ to God’s love, to bring Christ to the world and to lead the world to Christ.

As we celebrate the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we are invited to reflect on our own mission, inspired by her total dedication to God’s will. Mary, now in heaven, remains the Star of the Sea, guiding the Church in her mission of evangelisation, bringing the light of Christ to every corner of the world.

The Saint and Mercy

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary represents one of the most sublime moments in the history of salvation. This dogma, which proclaims Mary assumed into heaven in body and soul at the end of her earthly life, is a tangible sign of God’s profound mercy.

Mary, who welcomed the mystery of the Incarnation into her life as Mother of God, was preserved from the stain of original sin. Her assumption is not only a recognition of her unique role in the divine plan, but also a manifestation of God’s mercy, which desires the salvation and glorification of His faithful.

The divine mercy, which worked so clearly in Mary’s life, is the same mercy that welcomes every redeemed soul. Mary, assumed into heaven, becomes a model of hope for us all. Her Assumption reminds us that, even in our sin-wounded humanity, God’s mercy offers us the hope of future glory.

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is not just an event about Mary herself, but a celebration of God’s mercy that transcends death, offering the promise of eternal life to all who accept His love. Mary, elevated to heaven, testifies that God’s mercy is the most powerful force that exists, capable of overcoming every barrier, even that of death.


Jesus on ascending to heaven had left his Mother to lead the nascent Church so that she might be a comfort to all. He left her as long as he saw her necessary to guide and ease the pains of the Apostles and disciples, but as soon as he saw that her mission was accomplished, he made the words resound in her ear: Veni, mater mea: Veni, coronaberis (Come, my mother, come: you shall be crowned). Mary who so and so…


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