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Saint of the Day for 14 June: St. Elysium

St. Elysium: Life, Miracles and Legacy of the Great Biblical Prophet


St. Elysium




9th century B.C., Unknown


9th century B.C., Samaria, Palestine


14 June


2004 edition


In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen. O merciful God, who upon the prophet Elysium you sent down the spirit of Elijah, grant us also, through the gift of your Spirit, the strength to strive for holiness. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who is God, and lives and reigns with you, in unity with the Holy Spirit, for ever and ever. Amen.

Patron of


Roman Martyrology

In Samaria, Palestine, Saint Elysium the Prophet, of whose tomb, where the Prophet Obadiah also rests, the demons are horrified, as Saint Jerome writes.


The Saint and Mission

Saint Elysium, known in the Bible as the disciple and successor of the prophet Elijah, dedicated his life to continuing his master’s mission, carrying out the prophetic work with extraordinary fervor and dedication. His calling came in a powerful and symbolic way, when Elijah found him and threw his cloak over him, marking the beginning of a mission that would have a lasting impact on the people of Israel. Elysium’s mission was characterized by numerous miracles, which testify to the presence and power of God at work through him. These miracles not only strengthened the people’s faith, but also showed God’s mercy and justice. Elysium healed the sick, resurrected the dead, and provided food to the needy, demonstrating deep compassion and a clear intention to alleviate the suffering of his people . A distinctive aspect of Elysium’s mission was his commitment to countering idolatry and bringing the people back to fidelity to the God of Israel. Often operating in situations of great difficulty and danger, Elysium maintained an unshakable faith and determination that inspired many. His work contributed significantly to keeping faith and hope alive in times of great uncertainty and trial. St. Elysium’s life is a powerful example of how an individual, guided by faith and the power of God, can have a transformative impact on his community. His mission as a prophet, marked by miracles and acts of mercy, continues to inspire and teach the value of faith, compassion and service to others.

The Saint and Mercy

Saint Elysium embodies divine mercy through his actions and miracles narrated in the Bible. His life is a continuous example of compassion and divine intervention on behalf of the needy and suffering. By healing the sick, feeding the hungry and resurrecting the dead, Elysium showed how God’s mercy is concretely manifested in the world. One of his most significant acts was the purification of the waters of Jericho, which made the earth sterile. With this miracle, Elysium not only restored fertility to the region, but also hope and life to the people who lived there, demonstrating deep empathy for their suffering. Furthermore, the way he treated his enemies with leniency, as when he spared the Aramean army, reflected a mercy that went beyond human justice. Elysium’s mercy was not only in spectacular gestures, but also in his daily commitment to guidance and comfort for the people of Israel. His presence was a constant reminder of God’s love and care for his people. His life teaches us that true mercy involves listening, understanding and action, responding to needs with an open heart and hands ready to help.


The source for reconstructing his life is “the cycle of Elysium,” which also includes narratives related to Israel’s wars against Damascus and Moab and news about the contemporary kings of Judah. The cycle consists of folk tales similar to the “Little Flowers of St. Francis,” linked together by foreign associative criteria to the contents and…


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