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Saint of the Day for 14 April: St. Liduina

St. Liduina: Patroness of Suffering and Strength in Sickness


St. Liduina




March 18, 1380, Schiedam


April 14, 1433, Schiedam


14 April


2004 edition


1890, Rome, Pope Leo XIII



chronically ill, ice skaters

Roman Martyrology

At Schiedam in Geldria, in present-day Holland, Saint Liduina, a virgin, who for the conversion of sinners and the deliverance of souls endured bodily infirmities with patience throughout her life, trusting only in God.


The Saint and Mission

Saint Liduina of Schiedam, whose life was marked by a long and painful illness, embodies a profoundly spiritual dimension of the Christian mission: bearing witness to the presence of God even in the heart of pain and suffering. Her existence, spent largely in bed, became a surprising channel of grace, inspiration and comfort for many, revealing how faithfulness and surrender to God can transform even the most difficult circumstances into a path to holiness. Saint Liduina’s mission teaches us that service to God and others is not limited by physical conditions or external abilities. Indeed, her life demonstrates that suffering itself, offered and experienced in union with Christ, can become a powerful source of intercession and a means for the conversion and spiritual renewal of those around us. The patience, courage and hope with which she faced her illness thus become an eloquent testimony to the merciful love of God that operates in all the circumstances of her life. Furthermore, the story of Saint Liduina reminds us of the importance of acceptance and surrender to God’s will. His ability to find peace and joy in the midst of suffering is a reminder that true freedom and happiness come not from external conditions, but from the depth of our relationship with God. His life is an invitation to trust deeply in divine providence, knowing that God can bring good even from the most difficult situations. The figure of Saint Liduina also challenges our understanding of mission as something that always requires external action or visible results. She shows us that presence, prayer, and the offering of one’s sufferings in union with those of Christ are also powerful ways to participate in the mission of the Church and contribute to the good of the world. This aspect of the Christian mission calls us to recognize the value and dignity of every person, even those who the world might consider inactive or unproductive. Saint Liduina of Schiedam emerges as a shining example of how God’s grace can work through our fragility and suffering, inviting us into deeper communion with Him and the mystery of the Cross. Her life encourages us to see beyond external appearances and to recognize that each of us, regardless of our physical condition or abilities, is called to a unique and precious mission in God’s plan. Saint Liduina teaches us that by offering to God our suffering with love, we can become instruments of His mercy and sources of hope and comfort for the world.

The Saint and Mercy

Saint Liduina, in her prolonged and intense suffering, became a living symbol of divine mercy, embodying the mystery of pain transformed into grace. Her life speaks to us of a mercy that goes beyond simple compassion for the pain of others; she teaches us that in the very heart of suffering there can reside a sacred place where God’s mercy manifests itself in an extraordinarily intimate and powerful way. The story of Saint Liduina shows us how mercy can be experienced and received not only through acts of physical benevolence, but also through the spiritual sharing of pain. In her inability to actively participate in community life due to her health conditions, Liduina found a unique depth of union with the suffering Christ, offering her sufferings for the redemption of the world. This act of offering becomes a shining example of how mercy can work through us when we join the suffering of Christ with love and trust. Through her illness, Saint Liduina explored the depths of divine mercy, discovering that true comfort and healing do not come from the elimination of pain, but from the loving acceptance of God’s will. Her experience of pain transformed into prayer and offering invites us to reconsider our approach to suffering, seeing it as an opportunity to experience and manifest mercy in ways that are beyond our human understanding. Furthermore, Saint Liduina’s life is a reminder that God’s mercy extends to all, regardless of circumstances. Her ability to inspire, console and bring hope to many, despite her debilitating condition, is a testament to the power of mercy when lived in the fullness of faith. She reminds us that we are called to be instruments of divine mercy, bringing light into the darkness of desperation and pain. Saint Liduina teaches us that mercy is a deeply embodied reality, experienced not only in external actions, but also in the intimate welcoming of suffering with faith and love. Her life is a testimony to the fact that, even in the most arduous trials, God’s merciful presence envelops us, transforming our suffering into a path towards deeper communion with Him. Saint Liduina invites us to look at the heart of our suffering , where we can discover the mercy of God who calls us to renewed hope and to a joy that overcomes all pain.


Virgin and saint was born in Schiedam in 1380. At the age of fifteen Liduina took a bad fall while ice skating, Liduina was paralyzed in bed, the accident was the source of all the ills that tormented her until her death…


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