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Saint of the Day for 12 April: St. Joseph Moscati

St. Joseph Moscati: The Holy Doctor Who United Faith and Medicine


St. Joseph Moscati



Baptismal name

Joseph Moscati


July 25, 1880, Benevento


April 12, 1927, Naples


12 April


2004 edition


November 16, 1975, Rome, Pope Paul VI


Oct. 25, 1987, Rome, Pope John Paul II


O St. Joseph Moscati, distinguished physician and scientist, who in the practice of your profession cared for the body and spirit of your patients, look also upon us who now turn in faith to your intercession. Give us physical and spiritual health, interceding for us with the Lord. Ease the pains of those who suffer, give comfort to the sick, consolation to the afflicted, hope to the discouraged. May the young find in you a model, workers an example, the aged a comfort, the dying the hope of eternal reward. Be for all of us a sure guide of industriousness, honesty and charity, that we may fulfill our duties in a Christian manner, and give glory to God our Father. Amen.

Relics place

Chiesa del Gesù Nuovo

Roman Martyrology

In Naples, St. Joseph Moscati, who, as a physician, never failed in his service of daily and untiring work of caring for the sick, for which he asked no compensation from the poorest, and in caring for bodies he at the same time cared with great love for souls as well.



The Saint and Mission

Saint Joseph Moscati, the holy doctor of Naples, offers us a shining example of how profession and vocation can merge in a mission of love and service towards others, guided by faith. His life, characterized by professional excellence and a profound Christian commitment, reveals the transformative power of charity when lived through daily work responsibilities. The mission of San Giuseppe Moscati was rooted in the belief that medicine was not just a science or a profession, but a means of manifesting God’s merciful love towards those who suffer. This vision led him to treat each patient not only with medical expertise, but with a deep compassion and personal commitment that went beyond professional duty. Moscati saw the face of Christ in every sick person, and in this recognition he found the strength and inspiration for his tireless service. Moscati’s commitment to the poor and marginalized was particularly evident. He often provided free medical care to those who could not afford it, demonstrating that the true mission transcends economic and social barriers. His medical practice was imbued with a charity that he felt was evangelical, a living testimony that service to others, especially the most vulnerable, is a powerful expression of the Christian faith. Furthermore, the life of Saint Giuseppe Moscati reminds us of the importance of holiness in everyday life. His sanctity was not detached from his professional life, but was intimately intertwined with it. Moscati teaches us that every work environment, even the most technical or scientific, can become a place of Christian testimony, where the love of God is manifested through excellence, integrity and compassion. The figure of Saint Giuseppe Moscati inspires us to reconsider the meaning of our vocation, whatever it may be, as a path to holiness. He invites us to see in our daily work a unique opportunity to serve God and others, thus joining the Church’s broader mission of bringing the light of the Gospel to the world. His life is a reminder that holiness is accessible to all and that, through faith and love, we can radically transform the lives of those around us. Saint Giuseppe Moscati embodies the ideal of a Christianity lived with authenticity and dedication in the contemporary world. His testimony challenges us to live our profession as a true mission, enriched by the grace of God and directed at the loving service of humanity, especially the weakest and most needy.

The Saint and Mercy

Saint Joseph Moscati, through his life and his medical profession, emerges as a luminous emblem of mercy incarnate, reflecting how the love and compassion of Christ can be experienced in every gesture, word and decision. His existence, imbued with dedication to the sick and the less fortunate, offers us a profound look at mercy as a daily action, rooted in faith and driven by a profound sense of responsibility towards others. Mercy, for Saint Giuseppe Moscati, was not just an abstract ideal, but a tangible reality that found expression in his constant commitment as a doctor. Every patient he encountered was an opportunity for him to demonstrate God’s merciful love, treating each person not only with professional care, but with a respect and kindness that touched their souls as much as their bodies. This holistic approach to medicine reminds us that true healing encompasses the whole person, in body and spirit, and that mercy can be a powerful balm for both. Furthermore, the life of Saint Giuseppe Moscati teaches us that mercy goes beyond the simple act of giving. His choice to offer free care to the poorest, to dedicate his time and energy without reserve, demonstrates that mercy also involves a gift of self. This generosity of heart, which seeks to alleviate the suffering of others without expecting anything in return, is a powerful reminder of our call to be a living image of God’s love in the world. The figure of Saint Giuseppe Moscati also reminds us that mercy is intimately linked to justice. His medical practice was guided by solid ethical principles, which placed human dignity and the good of the patient at the center of every decision. His life invites us to reflect on how our daily actions, at work and beyond, can be guided by a profound sense of justice, enriched by mercy, to build a more humane and loving society. Saint Giuseppe Moscati shows us that mercy is a transformative force that can shape not only the life of those who receive it, but also that of those who offer it. His legacy is an invitation to recognize and respond to the needs of others with a heart full of love, demonstrating that, even in the most technical or scientific professions, there is a profound space for mercy, for the love that cares, that listens and that is given. Moscati inspires us to live our Christian vocation with a renewed commitment to mercy, making every day an opportunity to embody the saving love of God.


The seventh son of Francesco, a magistrate, and Rosa De Luca, Joseph was born in Benevento on July 25, 1880. But he had grown up in Naples, where the family had moved, his father having been called to serve in the Court of Appeal. Joseph was gifted with a lively intelligence, but also with an intense religious sensibility and…


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