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Saint of the Day for 11 May: St. Ignatius of Laconi

St. Ignatius of Laconi: Life of Humility and Service of the Sardinian Capuchin Friar


St. Ignatius of Laconi


Capuchin friar


Dec. 17, 1701, Laconi, Sardinia


May 11, 1781, Cagliari, Sardinia


11 May


2004 edition



O lovable St. Ignatius, from heavenly glory, where together with the angels and saints you enjoy the everlasting vision of God, turn your pitying gaze upon me and obtain for me sentiments of faith, hope, charity, sorrow for my sins, and a resolve to offend the Lord no more. Make me persevere in goodness until death, that I too may one day come with you to enjoy holy heaven. So be it. Pater, Ave, Gloria.

Patron of


Roman Martyrology

In Cagliari, Sardinia, St. Ignatius of Laconi, Confessor, of the Order of Capuchin Minors, glorious for humility, charity and miracles, whom Pope Pius XII adorned with the honors of the Saints


The Saint and Mission

St. Ignatius of Laconi, a Capuchin friar from Sardinia, embodied a mission of devotion and service during his religious life, characterized by deep humility and dedication to those in need. He became a friar after a serious illness led him to reflect on his life, Ignatius adopted an existence of extreme poverty, living in accordance with the Franciscan ideals of simplicity and helping others. His mission was manifested daily through questing, a practice in which he asked for alms not only to support his community, but also to assist the poor and sick people he encountered. His presence was a comfort to many; through his prayers and example of life, Ignatius communicated a deep trust in divine providence and the importance of love and service to others. The life of St. Ignatius of Laconi is an illuminating example of how fidelity to a spiritual call can transform the life of a community. Through his silent but impactful commitment, he left a lasting legacy of compassion and devotion, showing that true mission can be lived out through gestures of daily generosity and humble service.

The Saint and Mercy

St. Ignatius of Laconi is a figure who shined for his mercy, expressed daily in his service as a Capuchin friar. In his life of questing, Ignatius did not limit himself to collecting offerings for the sustenance of his friary, but also devoted himself to finding food and help for the less fortunate. His sensitivity to the difficulties of others turned each of his encounters into an opportunity to exercise mercy in a concrete way, offering material and spiritual support. St. Ignatius’ mercy was also manifested in his patience and understanding of the people he met, listening to their problems and offering comfort and prayer. His presence was a source of relief and hope for many, especially the most vulnerable and desperate in society. Ignatius taught by example that true Christian mercy involves active action and self-giving to others, a message that continues to inspire genuine and boundless compassion.


Ignatius was born in Laconi, in the heart of Sardinia, in 1701. In the small town near the Gennargentu Mountains, he grew up God-fearing and even as a teenager already practiced fasting and mortifications; he did not attend schools and…


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