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Saint of the Day for 10 May: St. Cataldo of Rachau

St. Cataldo of Rachau: Apostle of Ireland and His Spiritual Legacy


St. Cataldo of Rachau




7th century, Rachau, Ireland


March 8, 685, Taranto


10 May


2004 edition



Glorious St. Cataldo, our Patron and Protector, we admire in you the strength of faith and the missionary ardor to propagate and witness to it, sparing no sacrifice or toil. Please obtain for us too a joyful and generous faith so that God may increasingly become the one love of our lives. Glorious St. Cataldo, our Patron and Protector, our fathers invoked you as a most effective shield in great calamities and adversities, especially war and earthquake, drought and famine, and always experienced your intercession. Please extend such protection to our days as well. Glorious St. Cataldo our Patron and Protector, continue to bless our parish community. Grant that Christians and men of good will may cooperate concordantly for the common good so that our parish may progress in justice free from all violence and selfishness, ready to serve life and promote every good initiative.

Patron of

Brienza, Cirò Marina, Massa Lubrense, Roccaromana, Montenero Sabino, Motta Baluffi, Taranto, Corato, Cagnano Varano, San Cataldo, Gangi, Gagliano Castelferrato

Roman Martyrology

Near Tarentum Saint Cataldo Bishop, illustrious for miracles.


The Saint and Mission

St. Cataldo of Rachau represents a vibrant example of the missionary ardor that characterized the Irish saints of the early Middle Ages. Born in a land already imbued with the Christian faith, Cataldo was driven by an inner impulse to take his message beyond the borders of Ireland. His mission took him across Europe, where he spread the gospel and contributed significantly to the expansion of the Christian Church. Cataldo’s missionary work was not only a transfer of religious doctrine, but also a profound cultural exchange. He embodied the dedication and perseverance necessary to establish meaningful dialogues between different communities, thus overcoming language and cultural barriers. His ability to adapt and respond to the spiritual needs of the people he met testifies to a deep commitment to the mission of evangelization, rooted in genuine care for the spiritual well-being of others. St. Cataldo’s life, then, not only left a lasting imprint in terms of the expansion of Christianity but also established a model of how the faith can be lived and shared creatively and with respect for the various cultural traditions woven into the fabric of the universal Church.

The Saint and Mercy

St. Cataldo of Rachau, in his evangelical mission across Europe, embodied the concept of mercy through his inexhaustible dedication to serving others and spreading the Christian message. His life was marked by a deep commitment to those most in need, demonstrating that true faith is manifested through concrete actions to help and support people in need. The stories surrounding his figure tell how Cataldo was always ready to stop and listen, to care for the sick and console the suffering, with a kindness that went beyond words, touching the hearts of those who met him. His ability to show compassion not only relieved physical suffering but also offered moral and spiritual support, strengthening faith and hope in the communities he visited. This merciful approach, combined with his ardent preaching, helped consolidate the Christian presence in the regions he crossed, leaving a legacy of mercy that continues to inspire. St. Cataldo’s life reminds us that mercy is at the heart of the Christian message and that, through compassion and selfless service, people’s lives can truly be transformed.


St. Cataldo is an Irish saint but venerated in Taranto, where his tomb is located, in a rich and beautiful chapel in the cathedral, known as the ” Capellone.” He would have landed on the flat Apulian land in the roadstead that opens up, on the Adriatic shore, near the city of Lecce, and…


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