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Saint of the Day for 10 June: Blessed Diana of the Andalus

Blessed Diana of the Andals: Life, Devotion and Legacy of the Dominican Blessed


Blessed Diana of the Andalus



Baptismal name

Diana Lovello


1200, Bologna


June 10, 1236, Bologna


10 June


2004 edition


August 8, 1888, Rome, Pope Leo XIII


O blessed Diana: your life was a clear and bright choice of your Bridegroom Jesus: let my life be a ready response when the Lord calls me. O blessed Diana: your life was a secret immolation in silence and solitude: let my life be a donation to the Lord when he addresses an invitation to me. O blessed Diana: your life was a life of crucifixion with the Crucified: let my life be a response without hesitation a donation without regrets a daily yes with no other perspective than to always choose and work with the Lord and for the Lord. Amen.

Roman Martyrology

In Bologna, Blessed Diana degli Andalò, a virgin, who, having overcome all impediments placed by her family, took a vow of cloistered life in the hands of St. Dominic himself, entering the monastery of St. Agnes, which she founded.


The Saint and Mission

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Blessed Diana degli Andalò dedicated her life to the mission of promoting religious life and Dominican spirituality. Coming from a noble family from Bologna, Diana felt a deep calling to follow Christ and joined the Order of Preachers, founded by Saint Dominic. Her mission was characterized by intense devotion and a tireless commitment to supporting the Dominican community. Diana played a crucial role in the founding of the monastery of Sant’Agnese in Bologna, a center of prayer and community life for women wishing to follow the Dominican rule. Her vision was to create a space where prayer, study and fraternal life could flourish, contributing to the spiritual growth of the sisters and the spread of the Dominican charism. Despite her many challenges, including opposition from her family, Diana persevered in her mission with determination and faith. Her correspondence with Blessed Jordan of Saxony, second master general of the Order, is a testimony to her profound spirituality and her dedication to the Dominican mission. These writings reveal a woman of great wisdom and strength, capable of inspiring and leading others by her example. The mission of Blessed Diana degli Andalò continues to live on through the legacy of the monastery she founded and through the devotion she inspired. Her life is an example of how faith and determination can overcome adversity, contributing to building communities of faith and spreading the Gospel. Her mission remains a beacon of light for anyone who desires to live a life of service and dedication to God.

The Saint and Mercy

Blessed Diana degli Andalò embodies mercy through her life of service and dedication. Coming from a noble family, she chose to embrace religious life, demonstrating profound mercy not only towards the poor, but also towards her sisters. By founding the monastery of Sant’Agnese in Bologna, she Diana created a place of spiritual refuge and growth for many women, offering them an environment of prayer, study and mutual support. Her correspondence with Blessed Jordan of Saxony reflects a compassion and deep understanding of the struggles and joys of religious life. Diana showed mercy through her ability to listen, console, and encourage her fellow sisters, promoting an atmosphere of brotherly love and solidarity. Despite her difficulties and opposition, especially from her family, Diana persevered with a merciful heart, always choosing to respond with love and patience. Her life is an example of how mercy can guide daily actions, transforming communities and bringing peace and hope. The mission of Blessed Diana degli Andalò reminds us that mercy is not just an act of charity, but a lifestyle that embraces and lifts others, building a more just and compassionate world.

The Congregation of Saint Agnes of the Dominican Order

The Congregation of Saint Agnes of the Dominican Order, founded with the support of Blessed Diana degli Andalò, is a symbol of dedication and spirituality within the Dominican tradition. This monastery, located in Bologna, was born from the desire to create an environment in which women could live a life consecrated to God, in prayer, study and service. The monastery has become a center of intense community life, where the nuns follow the rule of Saint Dominic, combining contemplation with action. Life in the monastery is characterized by a strong devotion to the Eucharist, liturgical prayer and the study of the Scriptures. The Sisters of Saint Agnes are committed to living the values ​​of poverty, chastity and obedience, seeking to embody the Dominican ideal of preaching the truth through their lives. The community is also known for its hospitality and commitment to service to others, welcoming anyone seeking spiritual comfort and assistance. Their presence continues to be a source of inspiration for many, demonstrating that monastic life can be a powerful tool for spiritual and social renewal. The congregation of Santa Agnese represents a beacon of light and hope, testifying to the transformative power of faith and community life dedicated to God.


Blessed Diana degli Andalò, nickname of the noble Bolognese family Lovello, was born in Bologna in 1200 and was sister of Loderingo (ca. 1210-1293), who together with Catalano dei Malavolti and Blessed Bartolomeo da Breganze was one of the founders of the Frati Gaudenti, or Knights of St. Mary, an Order approved by Pope Clement IV in 1260 with the task of fighting heresies and…


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