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Saint of the Day for 1 May: St. Joseph

St. Joseph: Patron and Model of Diligence and Integrity for Modern Workers


St. Joseph




1 May


2004 edition


Saint Joseph, model and patron of workers, we turn to you with confidence. Help us to find in work not only our daily sustenance, but also a source of merit for eternal life. You, living alongside Jesus, Son of God, and Mary his Mother, had the good fortune to penetrate their sublime intentions; grant that we may esteem work, and love it as you have loved it. Grant that we may work in a spirit of penance; with diligence and peace, knowing that we are doing God’s will as he calls us to continue and perfect the work of his creation. May we consider our lives as a day of toil and sowing, waiting for rest and harvest, in eternity. St. Joseph, intercede for us and protect and guard our daily toil in the world of work. Amen.

Patron of

Marzabotto, Castions di Strada, Moio Alcantara, Valmozzola


Carpenters, of bursars, carpenters, workers, dying, fathers, solicitors

Roman Martyrology

Solemnity of St. Joseph the Worker, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Confessor, Patron of Workers.



The Saint and Mission

St. Joseph embodies the mission of the dignity of human labor in the Christian context. In his daily life as a carpenter, Joseph not only provided for the needs of the Holy Family but also demonstrated how manual labor was a means to sanctify and glorify God. His figure is distinguished by discretion and humility, virtues that reflect a deep respect for work as a divine vocation. Through his example, St. Joseph shows that all work, regardless of its nature, is central to the larger mission of building a just society and witnessing to the faith. His life highlights how the Christian mission can be lived out through simple, everyday actions, teaching that the true meaning of work lies not only in the end result, but in the way it is carried out and its ultimate purpose of serving the community and God.

The Saint and Mercy

St. Joseph expressed mercy not so much through grand, resounding gestures, but in the daily dedication and care he put into his work as a carpenter. In the quiet routine of his trade, Joseph embodied mercy by making every piece he worked on an act of love and dedication, not only to his family but to all those who would benefit from his work. This humble and assiduous approach shows how mercy can be integrated into every aspect of life, even those that may seem less obvious. St. Joseph shows that even daily work can be a powerful means of expressing compassion and caring for others, thus offering a tangible example of how holiness can be achieved through faithfulness in daily responsibilities and service to others.


In the Gospel St. Joseph is called a blacksmith. When the Nazarethians heard Jesus teaching in their synagogue, they said of him, “Is not He the son of the woodworker? “. And again with astonishment and contempt, “Is not this the carpenter?” No doubt then that St. Joseph was not a true worker, a laborer, a man of toil. It is believed that he was a carpenter, and …


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