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Saint of the Day for 07 September: St Queen of Alise

Holiness and Mission: How Saint Queen of Alise Became a Symbol of Resistance and Christian Faithfulness


St Queen of Alise


Virgin and martyr


3rd Century, Autun, France


3rd Century, Alesia, France


07 September


2004 edition


O Lord, grant that through the intercession of your saints, and in particular of Saint Queen of Alise, humanity may return to the practice of the Christian faith for a new evangelisation of this third millennium to the praise and glory of your name and the triumph of the Church. Amen.

Roman Martyrology

In Alise in France, Saint Regina, martyr.


The Saint and Mission

St Regina of Alise is a model of resilience and fidelity to her life mission, despite the adverse and painful circumstances she had to face. According to tradition, Regina was a Christian at a time when professing faith in Christ could cost one’s life. However, despite threats and persecution, her personal mission to witness to the Gospel remained undiminished.

His path to holiness was not an easy one; tradition tells of sufferings and martyrdom. However, in the midst of these trials, Regina’s mission became even clearer. Her life and sacrifice became a powerful message of hope and redemption, not only for the Christians of her time, but for all those who would hear her story in the centuries that followed.

What makes St Regina a particularly poignant example is her youthful age. In an age and culture that often did not recognise the potential of women, let alone young women, Regina showed extraordinary strength and determination. Her young life was an expression of a mission much larger than herself: a mission that spoke of the power of the Gospel and the transformative power of faith.

In the story of St Queen of Alise we see the embodiment of the principle that mission is not something we do, but something we live. It is not limited to great deeds or heroic moments, but is woven into the very fabric of our daily lives, in the choices we make and the sacrifices we are willing to make.

Subsequent generations can draw inspiration from her strength of spirit and her steadfast fidelity to the mission entrusted to her. St Queen of Alise teaches us that it does not matter how young or inexperienced we may be, or how much adversity we may face; what matters is the integrity and passion with which we live the mission God has given us.

The Saint and Mercy

St Queen of Alise is a figure who exemplifies mercy in a profound way. Known for her holiness and endurance in times of persecution, her life is an invitation to compassion and unconditional love of neighbour. Although revered primarily as a martyr, her example goes beyond mere personal sacrifice; it is a reminder of the transformative power of mercy when freely accepted and given. Her story is a reminder that true strength is found not in the exercise of power, but in the ability to extend a hand to those in need. In a world that often evaluates individuals on the basis of their status or material achievements, St Queen of Alise reminds us that mercy is a gift as powerful as it is universal.


The daughter of a pagan citizen of Burgundy, whose wife died giving birth to this beautiful flower, she was entrusted to a Christian wet nurse who, after having baptised her, brought Regina up in faith and love.

The daughter of a pagan nobleman, she soon came to the Christian faith and, contrary to her father’s wishes, dedicated her life to chastity and…


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