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Saint of the Day for 03 August: Saint Aspreno of Naples

Protector and First Bishop of the City, a Spiritual Guide in Neapolitan History


Saint Aspreno of Naples




I Century, Naples


II Century, Naples


03 August


2004 edition


O God, who in the episcopal service of Saint Aspreno you gave your Church a living image of Christ, the good shepherd, through his intercession grant to your people to reach the pastures of eternal life. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who is God, and lives and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, for ever and ever.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Patron Saint of


Protector of



The Saint and Mission

Saint Aspreno of Naples is a historical figure revered as one of the first bishops of Naples and one of the city’s first evangelisers. His mission was characterised by a deep dedication to the Gospel and the expansion of the Christian faith in the region.

In tradition, Saint Aspreno is described as a man of great faith and zeal, committed to bringing the message of Christ to a population that was still largely pagan. His leadership, wisdom and love for the Gospel were instrumental in rooting the Christian Church in Naples, helping to lay the foundations for the growth of the local Christian community.

St Aspreno’s mission was not without challenges, but his steadfastness and commitment left an indelible mark on the spiritual history of Naples. His example continues to inspire Christians to live their faith with courage and dedication, to bear witness to the Gospel in their communities and to be instruments of God’s love and grace.

In short, St Aspreno of Naples is a symbol of Christian mission, a pioneer of the faith who showed how love for Christ can transform a city and the lives of the people in it. His legacy lives on as a reminder to pursue the mission with passion, integrity and tireless love.

The Saint and Mercy

Saint Aspreno of Naples is a figure who embodies the values of mercy and compassion in the Christian tradition.

In his mission of evangelisation, St Aspreno focused not only on teaching Christian doctrines but also on care and concern for the needy and marginalised. His leadership was characterised by a deep sense of empathy and understanding for others, reflecting the merciful love of Christ.

St. Aspreno’s merciful approach was not limited only to his community but extended to all those he encountered, regardless of their creed or social status. His ability to see beyond differences and respond to the needs of others with kindness and charity is a shining example of the Christian call to be “merciful like the Father.”

The figure of St Aspreno remains a model for Christians, reminding them of the importance of integrating mercy into the daily life and mission of the Church. His example invites us to look beyond ourselves, to listen, understand and respond to the needs of others with an open and compassionate heart.

St Aspreno of Naples is an enduring symbol of Christian mercy, a saint who lived and preached God’s compassionate love and who continues to inspire the Church in its call to be a tangible sign of divine love and mercy in the world.


Aspreno was born in the first century in Naples, of his life little is known. It is said that after founding the Church of Antioch, St Peter set out for Rome and in the midst of it met an old woman named St Candida La Vecchia who promised to worship the Lord if she was cured of her illness.

Peter invoked the power of the Lord God and prayed for the woman who was healed in a short time. Thanks to the prodigious healing, she decided to present a sick friend of hers to St Peter Aspreno for…


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