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Saint of the Day for 02 October: Guardian Angel Saints

The protectors of each person: history, meaning and devotion


Guardian Angel Saints


02 October


2004 edition


O holy guardian angel, take care of my soul and my body. Enlighten my mind that I may know the Lord better and love Him with all my heart. Assist me in my prayers so that I do not give in to distractions but pay the greatest attention to them. Help me with your counsels, that I may see the good and fulfil it with generosity. Defend me from the wiles of the infernal enemy and sustain me in temptations so that I may always be victorious. Supplant my coldness in the worship of the Lord: do not cease to guard me until you have brought me to Paradise, where we shall praise the Good Lord together for all eternity.

Patron Saint of

Priolo Gargallo, Centallo, Villafranca Piemonte, Fondachelli-Fantina

Roman Martyrology

Memory of the holy Guardian Angels, who, first called to contemplate God’s face in its splendour, were also sent to mankind by the Lord, to accompany and assist them with their invisible but caring presence.


The Saint and Mission

The conception of the Guardian Angels lies at the heart of a spiritual mission deeply rooted in the fabric of the Christian faith. Their existence and intervention are understood as a palpable manifestation of God’s infinite involvement in the life of each individual, accompanying, protecting and guiding each one along the sometimes tortuous path of earthly life.

The mission of the Guardian Angels is manifested in a personal and unique relationship with the individual, where the angel is seen as a heavenly companion assigned to us from the moment of birth. This relationship reflects a divine mission of guardianship and guidance, evoking God’s closeness and careful vigilance over our existence. In this relationship, the angel represents a bridge between the divine and the human, acting as a messenger and mediator between heaven and earth.

Christian missionology often emphasises the concept of missio Dei, God’s mission, as a divine enterprise in which God reaches out to humanity in multiple ways. The Guardian Angels are one of the most delicate but profound expressions of this mission. Through them, one can perceive a glimpse of the depth of God’s love and His ceaseless work of accompaniment and protection.

Their mission is also educational. The Guardian Angels, through their silent but reassuring presence, can teach the importance of trust, hope and perseverance. They can educate the human heart to recognise God’s presence even in the most unfavourable circumstances, helping us to see the light of divine grace even in moments of darkness.

The mission of the Guardian Angels also extends as a reminder of human responsibility to participate in God’s work. Their silent but constant dedication can inspire people to live lives of service, care and mutual love, thus entering into a mission to represent God’s love in the world.

Finally, the mission of the Guardian Angels highlights the embodiment of hope and trust in a world that can often seem chaotic and indifferent. They are a living reminder that, despite appearances, we are never alone and that God’s mission of love and salvation is always active, always present.

Reflection on the mission of the Guardian Angels can therefore open up a horizon of hope and trust, inviting us to live in a deep awareness of God’s loving presence and his saving mission that continues to unfold in every moment of our existence.

The Saint and Mercy

In the richness of Christian tradition, the Guardian Angels are regarded as tangible manifestations of God’s mercy and providence towards humanity. They represent that silent and constant divine presence that accompanies each person along the journey of life, offering protection, guidance and comfort.

Mercy is one of God’s deepest qualities, expressing His unconditional love and willingness to come to the rescue of human frailty. The Guardian Angels, in this sense, are living expressions of this mercy. They are not just guardians, but messengers of hope, revealing in a subtle but real way that we are not alone in our struggles and journeys. Their silent and vigilant presence can be seen as a reassurance of God’s love that never abandons us, even in times of greatest desolation or confusion.

The tradition of invoking the Guardian Angels, of acknowledging their presence and asking for their intercession, is a way of opening our hearts to God’s mercy. This practice can help us develop a greater awareness of God’s action in our lives, even when this action is discreet or hidden. In this way, the Guardian Angels can help us see beyond the superficiality of circumstances and perceive God’s loving hand guiding us.

Mercy also manifests itself in the consolation that the Guardian Angels can bring. They are often described as bringers of comfort and hope, especially in times of suffering or fear. Their mission to guard and protect is a reflection of God’s love, which desires our good and works for our good, even when we are unaware of it.

The figure of the Guardian Angels can also stimulate us to exercise a form of mutual mercy. As witnesses of divine mercy, they can inspire us to also be guardian angels for one another, showing compassion, offering protection and bringing hope into the lives of the people we meet.

Guardian Angels are a beautiful symbol of God’s mercy that extends to every individual. Through their image, we are invited to reflect on the depth of God’s love for us, and the call to respond with similar mercy towards others, making manifest God’s love and care in a world in such need.


It is certain that Angels are entrusted with the custody of men. Here is what we read in Exodus: “Behold, I will send my Angel, who shall go before thee and keep thee on thy journey, and bring thee into the land which I have prepared for thee. Honour him, and hearken to his word, beware of despising him; for he will not forgive thee if thou doest wrong, for my name is in him. That if thou hearken unto his….


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