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Saint of the Day December 31: Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph

Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph: Model of Love, Faith and Family Unity


Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph


Most holy example


31 December



O Jesus the Redeemer, who spent Your life in the poor house of Nazareth, sanctifying that Family which was to be the exemplar of all Christian Families, welcome graciously ours which now dedicates itself to You, and establish in it Your holy fear so that by conforming to the divine model of Your Family, it may attain eternal bliss. Mary, Mother of Jesus, and you O St. Joseph, Most Holy Custodian of Jesus, with your intercession make this humble offering acceptable to Jesus, and obtain for us His graces and blessings.

Patron Saint of


Roman Martyrology

Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, a most holy example for Christian families who invoke its needed help.

The Saint and Mission

The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph represents a unique example of how Christian mission is manifested in the context of family life. Through their simple but deeply meaningful existence, Jesus, Mary and Joseph embody a mission lived out through love, mutual dedication and faithfulness to God. Their life together reveals how Christian mission can be woven into the daily life of a family.

The mission of the Holy Family is rooted first and foremost in their collective response to God’s call. Mary accepts to become the mother of Jesus with humility and faith, Joseph accepts the responsibility of caring for his Mother and Son, and together they raise Jesus in an environment filled with love and faith. Their openness to the divine will and their commitment to raising Jesus according to the principles of the Jewish faith are manifestations of their participation in the divine mission of bringing the light of Christ to the world.

Moreover, the Holy Family, through their own example of life, offer a model for all families on the mission of being a “domestic church.” Through mutual love, support and prayer, they demonstrate how each family can become a place where faith is lived and transmitted, where God’s love is witnessed and shared. Their life together underscores the importance of spiritual and moral formation within the family and the crucial role families play in sustaining and promoting Christian values.

The Holy Family also faces challenges and difficulties, from being born in a stable to fleeing to Egypt, showing how Christian mission often involves overcoming trials and suffering. Their resilience and trust in God in the face of adversity are a powerful example of faith in action and offer hope and encouragement to those facing difficulties in their lives.

The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph teaches us that Christian mission extends beyond the traditional boundaries of ministry and religious service. Their lives together show how every family can be a place of mission and witness, where God’s love is lived out and shared with others. They remind us that through love, dedication and faith, every family can reflect the light of Christ and contribute to the fulfillment of divine mission in the world.

The Saint and Mercy

The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph is a powerful and fascinating emblem of mercy in the family context. Their life together, though marked by challenges and difficulties, reflects a profound embodiment of divine love and mercy, offering a model for all families in living relationships marked by understanding, forgiveness and mutual help.

Mercy in the Holy Family is manifested primarily through their unconditional support and love for one another. Mary and Joseph accepted their divine call with faith and trust, taking on the responsibility of caring for the child Jesus despite the uncertainties and fears this entailed. Their example of mutual faithfulness and trust in God is a powerful reminder of the way mercy can pervade and sustain family relationships.

In addition, the Holy Family faces numerous challenges, such as fleeing to Egypt to escape Herod’s persecution. These moments of difficulty and uncertainty highlight their resilience and ability to face adversity together. Their experience of mutual vulnerability and dependence strengthens the bond between them and shows how mercy is essential in overcoming times of trial.

Mercy is also reflected in the education that Mary and Joseph offer Jesus. Growing up in a family that lives the values of love, respect and care for others, Jesus learns the importance of mercy as a fundamental principle of life and of his future ministry. The Holy Family, then, is not only a haven of love and protection, but also an environment in which the seeds of mercy are sown that Jesus would later carry on in his teaching and works.

The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph teaches us that mercy is at the heart of family life. Through their example of unconditional love, mutual support and faith in the midst of challenges, they show us how families can be places where God’s mercy is manifested and spreads. Their example inspires today’s families to cultivate relationships based on understanding, mutual help and a love that forgives and sustains.


The feast of the Holy Family was introduced into the Catholic liturgy only locally in the 17th century. In 1895 the date set for this feast was the third Sunday after Epiphany; it was not until 1921 that thanks to Pope Benedict XV the celebration was extended to the whole Church. John XXIII further modified the date by moving it to the first Sunday after Epiphany. The liturgical reform of the Second Vatican Council finally feast the Holy Family on the first Sunday after Christmas and when Christmas falls on a Sunday, it is moved to December 30.

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