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Saint of the Day December 12: Blessed Virgin Mary of Guadalupe

Blessed Virgin Mary of Guadalupe: History, Devotion and Miracles of the Patroness of the Americas


Blessed Virgin Mary of Guadalupe




12 December


I ask you on behalf of all my brothers in the world to bless and protect us. Give us proof of your love and goodness and receive our prayers and prayers. Oh most pure Virgin of Guadalupe! Obtain from your Son forgiveness for my errors, blessing for my work. Remedies for my infirmities and needs, and all that you see fit to ask for my family. Oh Holy Mother of God, do not disappoint the supplications we address to you in our needs.

Patron Saint Of

Santo Stefano d’Aveto

Roman Martyrology

Blessed Virgin Mary of Guadalupe in Mexico, whose maternal help the people of the faithful humbly implore in great numbers on Tepeyac Hill near Mexico City, where she appeared, greeting her with confidence as the star of the evangelization of peoples and the support of the indigenous and the poor.

The Saint and Mission

The Blessed Virgin Mary of Guadalupe occupies a unique place in the landscape of Christian mission, especially in the Americas. Her appearance to San Juan Diego in 1531 on Tepeyac Hill near Mexico City is not only an event deeply rooted in popular devotion, but also a powerful symbol of the Church’s evangelizing mission.

The mission of Mary of Guadalupe is deeply intertwined with the history of evangelization in the New World. Her appearance occurs at a crucial time when indigenous cultures and the Christian faith were meeting, often in contexts of conflict and misunderstanding. Mary manifests herself to an indigenous man, San Juan Diego, in an act that breaks down cultural and linguistic barriers, showing a face of the Church that welcomes and respects diversity.

This Marian apparition is significant for the mission of the Church because it represents a model of evangelization that values the local culture. Mary appears with indigenous features and speaks in Juan Diego’s native language, demonstrating a deep respect for his identity and culture. This approach has become an example of how the Church can proclaim the Gospel in a way that is authentic and respectful of different cultures.

Moreover, the message of the Virgin of Guadalupe is one of love, protection, and compassion. Mary presents herself as the merciful mother and protector of all her children, offering spiritual refuge and comfort. This message has had a profound impact in the formation of the Catholic faith in the Americas, creating a strong sense of belonging and identity among the faithful.

Devotion to the Virgin of Guadalupe has also played a unifying role, creating a sense of solidarity and community among the diverse peoples of the Americas. Her image has become a symbol of unity and hope, bringing together people from different backgrounds in prayer and devotion.

The Blessed Virgin Mary of Guadalupe is more than just a devotional figure; she is a fundamental pillar of the Christian mission in the Americas. Her apparition and message continue to inspire an approach to evangelization that is rooted in love, respect and understanding, showing the face of a Church that is mother, protector and guide for all her children.

The Saint and Mercy

The Blessed Virgin Mary of Guadalupe, intensely venerated throughout the world, particularly in the Americas, is a powerful symbol of God’s mercy and love manifested through Mary. Her appearance to San Juan Diego on the hill of Tepeyac in 1531 is an event that has deeply rooted Marian devotion in the heart of Christian culture and faith in the Americas.

The most salient aspect of the Virgin of Guadalupe in relation to mercy is her message of love and protection for all her children, especially the most humble and oppressed. Mary presents herself as the merciful mother who listens and answers the prayers of the faithful, especially those in situations of need or difficulty. Her appearance to a humble native, San Juan Diego, is a sign of her closeness and preferential love for the little ones and the poor.

The Virgin of Guadalupe, in her apparition, also expresses a message of consolation and hope. She presents herself as a figure who unites and reconciles, overcoming cultural and social barriers, bringing a message of unity and peace. This consoling presence of Mary reflects God’s mercy that embraces all, regardless of race, language or culture.

Moreover, the miraculous image of the Virgin on the cloak of San Juan Diego has become a powerful symbol of Mary’s maternal and merciful presence. This image is venerated by millions who seek her intervention and guidance. Through her image and shrine in Guadalupe, Mary continues to draw the faithful to herself, guiding them to her Son, Jesus, and offering them comfort and hope.

The Blessed Virgin Mary of Guadalupe is a vivid reminder of God’s unconditional mercy and love. Her apparition and message continue to inspire faith and devotion, reminding us that Mary is always present as a loving and merciful mother, ready to listen and help all who turn to her in trust.


The religious history of Guadalupe begins 480 years ago in 1531 when the Blessed Virgin, Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ, appeared several times in Guadalupe, Mexico. The one to whom Our Lady wanted to manifest herself was an Aztec and converted to Christianity. His name was Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin and…


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