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Pope’s World Day of Sick message

Pope Francis releases his message for the 32nd World Day of the Sick, and recalls for a “therapeutic covenant”

It is not good for people to be alone healing the sick through healing relationships” is the theme of Pope Francis’ message to commemorate the 2024 World Day of the Sick on February 11th, liturgical memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Lourdes.

In his message released on Saturday 13th, the Pope reflected on the fundamental meaning and healing power of relationships with others and with God.

Citing God’s words about Adam in the Bible’s Book of Genesis, he says that God’s first thought for the first humans was that they should have fellowship and relationships with other beings. states that there was.

Our lives, reflected in the image of the Trinity, should find fulfillment through what we give and what we receive, through relationships, friendships and networks of love,” the Pope says. “We were created to be together, not alone.”

This relational aspect of human nature is important in moments of vulnerability, illness, and anxiety often caused by the onset of serious illness. even retains its importance, he added.

Pope Francis points out that the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing war have left many people isolated.

However, even in peaceful and resource-rich countries, many people are exposed to loneliness and abandonment due to aging and illness.

Our “throwaway culture” increases productivity and individualism at the expense of those who cannot achieve economic benefits.

Politicians are therefore tempted to dilute the “fundamental right to health and access to health care” by turning health care into a mere “provision of services” and violating human dignity. Yes, the Pope said.

The Pope calls for the health care system to “involve a ‘contract of carebetween doctors, patients and families.”

Return to God’s Word – “It is not good for man to be alone” – Pope Francis says that man’s sin lies in his relationship “with God and with himself.” He also said that it affects people and hurts people,  “separates others from creation” and violates “the deep meaning of God’s plan for humanity.”

This feeling of isolation makes us lose sight of the meaning of our lives,” he says. “It deprives us of the joy of love and makes us feel the burden of being alone in every important phase of life.”

So the Pope, following the example of the Good Samaritan, invites everyone ( Luke 10:25-37) to be  close to the sick with compassion and love.

Caring for the sick means, above all, valuing that person’s relationships with God, with others such as family, friends, and health care workers, with creation, and with oneself

The Pope said that each of us was born into this world because our parents welcomed us, and that each of us is born into the world because of love. “Created by God” and called to community and fraternal activities.

The best cure for the sick, he added, is to offer them love and companionship, despite the hectic pace of our own lives.

Finally, the Pope encouraged Christians to be inspired by the merciful gaze of Jesus through prayer and the Eucharist in order to “heal the wounds of loneliness and isolation.”

The sick, the weak and the poor are at the heart of the Church,” Pope Francis concluded. “They should also be the focus of our human concern and pastoral concern.”



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