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Pope Francis And The Economy of Francis

Pope Francis: a constant commitment to social justice, the economy and the environment

The Pope who, of all people, has most broadly and incisively addressed the issues of social justice, economics, human development and the environment is Pope Francis. Since the beginning of his pontificate in March 2013, Pope Francis has placed a strong emphasis on these issues, becoming a reference point for social and environmental discourse globally.

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Pope Francis has published several encyclicals and documents that address these issues in detail. Prominent among these is the encyclical Laudato Si’ (2015), in which he calls humanity’s attention to the grave environmental crisis and the need for ecological conversion. This encyclical emphasises the interconnection between the environment, social justice, poverty and equity.

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In addition, the Holy Father published the encyclical Brothers All (2020), in which he addresses the theme of fraternity and universal solidarity, calling for the construction of a more just and inclusive society. This document also deals with issues such as immigration, the global economy, politics, interreligious dialogue and the culture of waste.

In addition to the encyclicals, Pope Francis has given numerous speeches, meetings and initiatives to promote social justice, human development and care for the environment. Through his personal example and unwavering commitment, the Pope has made these themes a central part of the teaching and action of the Catholic Church.

Economy of Francis

An important actualization of these encyclicals concerning the social doctrine of the Church is the creation of the Economy of Francis movement, an initiative that was launched in 2019 following an international meeting sponsored by Pope Francis. The aim of the movement is to promote a more just, sustainable and inclusive economy, inspired by the principles of fraternity, solidarity and care for the environment.

The ‘Francis Economy’ movement brings together young economists, entrepreneurs and activists from different parts of the world. These young people are committed to working together to address current economic and social challenges, overcoming an economic model based on exploitation and exclusion, and promoting instead an economy centred on human dignity and the common good.

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Economy of Francis” promotes dialogue, exchange of ideas and concrete action through meetings, workshops and collaborative projects. Participants strive to develop innovative solutions to address issues such as poverty, inequality, climate change, decent work and social inclusion.

In addition, the movement also aims to engage policy makers, entrepreneurs and civil society organisations to promote systematic and structural changes in the economy. The aim is to build a fairer and more sustainable economic model that takes into account the needs of the most vulnerable people and the planet.

In this way, the ‘Economy of Francis’ movement updates the issues addressed by the Pope today, seeking to transform the ideal into concrete action and to positively influence the global economy towards greater respect for human dignity and the environment.


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