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Making Space: The 3rd edition of the Spazio Spadoni Convention concluded

Spazio Spadoni promotes the re-Evolution of Works of Mercy in Italy and Africa

Yesterday, 17 September 2023, the Convention “Making Space for the Re-Evolution of the Works of Mercy” came to an end in Noto. Three days of meetings attended by a large number of regional and national leaders of Voluntary Associations, volunteers and religious.

For several months now, Spazio Spadoni has decided to invest in the dissemination of the Works of Mercy in Italy and abroad, and the Convention in Sicily was an opportunity to network the mission with other relevant associations in the country.

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OPERAM is the name of the process that Spazio Spadoni is putting in place for the permanent development of a strong and renewed thought on the Works of Mercy in the world, flanking practical action with a profound spiritual dimension, which was undoubtedly the protagonist in the Convention of these days.

The aim of this process lies precisely in the title given to this third edition of the Convention: Re-Evolution. A motion that pushes towards the birth of new Works, the growth of skills and the possibilities of spreading the Works of Mercy.

During the three days in Sicily, speakers focused on a Work of Mercy associated with their daily voluntary service. The presence of speakers who emphasised the importance of prayer and the spiritual dimension as complementary to action ensured that the concept of re-Evolution, as understood by Spazio Spadoni, was at the heart of each moment of discussion.

As Don Calogero Falcone, National Rector of the Misericordie of Sicily, explained: “A settled Christian is self-referential, the outgoing Christian is always on the move, with the awareness of never being alone. Spazio Spadoni offers us the opportunity to review our way of giving meaning and depth to our being Christians in the world through a re-evolution of the Works of Mercy”.

In the final greetings, Luigi Spadoni announced that the one in Noto is only the first of other conventions to be held by the end of this year. The next ones will take place in Africa, namely in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burkina Faso, Benin and Kenya.

Spadoni wished to thank the participants and all the tireless volunteers who made these days possible and Spazio Spadoni Sicilia for their extraordinary commitment.

The Convention ended with Holy Mass presided over by H.E.R. Monsignor Fortunatus Nwachukwu, Secretary of the Dicastery for Evangelisation, and H.E.R. Monsignor Salvatore Rumeo emphasising this message: “A person cannot do a Work of Mercy by putting Jesus outside. A work must be accompanied by prayer, but it must also be accompanied by fasting and sacrifice to open oneself to one’s neighbour’.


Spazio Spadoni

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