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Jubilee 2025: Discovering the symbol of the Holy Door

An element rich in meaning

The Jubilee of 2025 is approaching, bringing with it a millennial tradition steeped in spiritual significance for millions of believers around the world. At the centre of this sacred event shines the Holy Door, a symbol of openness, forgiveness and redemption for Catholic believers.

History of the Holy Door

The tradition of the Holy Door dates back to ancient times in the Church. The first record of this rite for St. Peter’s Basilica dates back to 1500, by Pope Alexander VI. Holy Doors are only opened on special occasions, such as the Jubilee, a period of grace and forgiveness proclaimed by the Catholic Church.

Usually the Holy Door of St Peter’s Basilica is the first door to be opened and the gesture identifies the beginning of the Holy Year.

Traditions and Christian faith

The traditions associated with the Holy Door all share a sense of sacredness and devotion. During the Jubilee, churches hosting a Holy Door attract thousands of pilgrims, eager to receive the special blessings associated with passing through the door.

Many of these churches also offer sacraments such as confession and communion for pilgrims seeking reconciliation and closeness to God.

The Spiritual Significance

The Holy Door is more than just a physical passage; it is a symbol charged with spiritual significance. Passing through it during the Jubilee is an act of faith and penance, a commitment to live a life closer to the teachings of Christ.

The Holy Door symbolises the entrance into God’s mercy and grace. An act of spiritual renewal in which the faithful are called to make an inner pilgrimage towards holiness.

Towards the Jubilee of 2025

The ‘Holy Door’ of St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican will be solemnly opened on Christmas Eve, 24 December 2024, to mark the official start of the Jubilee of 2025. After this ceremony, the Holy Doors of the other major basilicas will also be opened. From then on, the doors will remain open throughout the year for the passage of pilgrims.

May the Jubilee of 2025 be a time of spiritual transformation and renewal for many.


  • Martine Kablan


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