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In Borgo a Mozzano: the Permanent School on Fragility

Christian Mission and Mercy: The Permanent School Initiative on Fragility

Exploring the Heart of the Human Condition

Fragility is not limited to specific situations. This is an intimate essence of life. Philosophers have declared it “already present,” infiltrating every corner. The recent pandemic has accentuated this truth.
It has challenged us to address frailty in new ways. Not only clinical, but anthropological and social. It is intrinsic to the human being, not just illness, old age or


What is SPeF? The launch of the Permanent School on Fragility

SPeF, or the Permanent School on Fragility, was born from the solid experience of “Ethical Space.” This association aims to spread ideas and culture in caregiving settings. It involves both caregivers and caregivers. The goal of SPeF? To create a space where caregivers, teachers, students and trainers can explore and address frailty. This goal is achieved by combining the Humanities and Medical Sciences.

Understanding frailty: An interactive learning journey

Our programs cater to diverse learners: health workers, teachers, volunteers, communicators. Methods include dynamic formats such as sociodrama, nursing drama and storytelling. This deeply engages you in grasping the complexities of vulnerability.

school-permanent-on-fragilityFundamental Things: Looking at the parts of fragility

What SPeF explores ranges from the fragility we see every day, to the fragility of good things, to fragility in relationships, to ethics and bioethics. Using insights from spirituality and word care, SPeF seeks to better understand this complex idea, giving new ways of seeing it and tools for dealing with it.

Living Together: Making New Acquaintances and Meeting Others

SPeF is not just for learning; it is a quiet place, surrounded by nature, where you can refresh yourself from everyday life. Events such as readings, films and concerts allow people to enjoy sharing and meeting with others.

In summary, the Permanent School on Frailty is a crucial effort in caring for people and promoting general well-being. It provides an integrated and thoughtful method for understanding and managing human frailty. The school’s approach is comprehensive and focused on understanding the human condition.


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