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From India: HIC SUM Project

“He hath given mercy to our fathers and remembered his holy covenant” (St.Luke 1:72)

Dear Friends of Spazio Spadoni,

Greetings and Peace from Sr Maria Puspha Latha from Franciscan Sisters of St. Thomas, India.

I would like to share with you my experience of HIC SUM Project.

In 2023 in December we started in our Place the Sewing  project (TAILORING) for the Empowerment of poor women, in the diocese of Tiruchirappalli, the parish of Fathima Nagar. In the beginning, we started free training for three months for the poor girls. For this project we bought three sew in machines and a Embroiding machine with the grace of Spazio Spadoni. We give two hours training per day for five girls. This training is aimed for 20 people, that women will live with dignity while earning money on their own.  Sewing has become a highly desired vocational skill and is a powerful tool for those living in poverty. The HIC SUM project supports women in impoverished communities by creating economic stability using creativity and the traditional craft of stitching.

During this training, women will learn and develop skills in tailoring and embroidery to work on saris and blouse pieces. With this course we also make and teach how to sew the Chudidhar, Altar Clothes, Altar Boy Clothes and Religious Items…

This tailoring and embroidery project intends to create women’s economic development and break poverty. Training in tailoring and embroidery will provide self-employment in their homes, can give them a daily income, and can enable them to purchase necessary machines and make them able to pay school fees for their growing children. Investing in these women is a proven path to poverty reduction. They are at a disadvantage when it comes to employment, education and job skills. They don’t have to depend on anyone else. With this skills training, women will be self-sufficient and live happily. There is an emerging need to improve women status which should start with economic empowerment. Empowerment is a concept that is a equal importance to both men and women, it is idea of sharing power, of truly giving it way. Empowerment is the process through which individual gain efficiency, defined as the degree to which an individual perceives that they control their environment.

They will teach these learned skills to other women who are in a position of need.

This project teaches us many things to learn and with the help of the Lord we carry on this journey. This project is giving women confidence and skills that will set them up for a bright future.

Thank you Spazio Spadoni!


Sr. Maria Puspha Latha



  • Sr. Maria Puspha Latha


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