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Celebrating 50 Years of Family Catechism in Puebla: A Testament to Mission and Mercy

A Momentous Event Marks the Impact of Catechism on Community and Vocations in Puebla, Mexico

50 anni di catechismo familiare 3In the vibrant city of Puebla, Mexico, a grand celebration has marked the significant milestone of fifty years since the introduction of family catechism across the diocese. This event, drawing more than 1,000 attendees of all ages, along with numerous diocesan priests and consecrated religious, underscores the profound influence of religious education on community transformation and spiritual growth.


The Genesis of a Visionary Movement

Back in 1975, a visionary initiative by the congregation of the Catechists of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary began to reshape the spiritual landscape in Puebla. The sisters of this congregation introduced family catechism with the hope of deepening faith at the grassroots level. This approach not only fostered a personal connection with the divine but also strengthened familial bonds through shared faith experiences. Today, the fruits of their labors are evident not only in the vibrant faith of the local community but also in the surge of vocations that followed.

The golden jubilee celebration was not just a local event but a beacon of inspiration, resonating through the diocese and beyond. It highlighted the transformational power of integrating family into the catechetical process, proving that when faith is nurtured in the home, it can lead to profound societal changes.

Global Connections Enrich Local Celebrations

This year’s celebration was particularly enriched by a global connection. Madre Irene Solano, the current mother general of the congregation, facilitated a live link with the Misericordia of Rosolini. This connection brought greetings from Nino Savarino and many brethren in a land that has experienced the dedicated service of Sister Angelica and Sister Perla. These sisters shared a year of mission in Rosolini, fostering deep, cross-cultural religious and communal bonds.

The event was further enhanced by the presence of Luigi via the live link, who took the opportunity to extend his gratitude to the Mexican sisters and Sicilian brethren for their enduring commitment and missionary zeal. Such interactions underscore the global dimension of the Church’s mission, reinforcing the universal call to serve and evangelize.

A Renewed Commitment to Mission and Mercy

50 anni di catechismo familiare 4The jubilee also served as a pivotal moment for reflection on the broader impact of the congregation’s work, supported by projects from Spazio+Spadoni, which have left a mark worldwide. The ongoing success of these missions is a testament to the congregation’s commitment to spreading the Gospel through innovative and adaptive religious education.

As the day progressed, it was clear that the event was more than a celebration; it was a vital source of spiritual nourishment for both the diocese of Puebla and the broader Mexican Church. The emphasis on family catechesis has proven to be a key component in the Church’s mission, aligning closely with the universal call to mercy and evangelization.

Looking Forward

50 anni di catechismo familiare 1As Puebla looks towards the future, the legacy of the past fifty years serves as both a foundation and a beacon. The success of the family catechism program highlights the importance of continuing to adapt and respond to the evolving needs of the faithful. The Church’s mission, deeply rooted in mercy and the transformative power of education, continues to thrive, driven by the passionate commitment of its members to live out the Gospel in innovative and inclusive ways.

This jubilee is not just a look back at fifty years of success but also a forward-looking commitment to continue the mission of mercy, education, and evangelization. The ongoing journey promises to further enrich the community, inspire more vocations, and foster a deeper, more inclusive understanding of faith across generations.



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