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Bringing the Works of Mercy to Kenya

Sister Joan Langat Chemeli: an ambassador of the Works of Mercy

I returned to my country, Kenya, on 11 August after four years in Italy spent in our community in Latisana. The day before my arrival, many sisters converged on the Mother House in Mombasa to participate in the Spiritual Exercises course. Also on Assumption Day, thirteen of these sisters made their perpetual profession while seven of them celebrated their jubilee. These were days of great joy and communion among the sisters of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Mombasa, and Mother General took the opportunity of the presence of so many sisters to invite me to present the journey made in Italy with Spazio Spadoni.

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Mother General’s commitment

Mother Jane had already warned the sisters in advance of my return, of my new mission in the “Hic Sum” project and of my role as Ambassador of the Works of Mercy.

She has always closely followed the progress of the project and my formation, through numerous online connections and in the past year also through a direct confrontation with Spazio Spadoni during one of her visits to Rome.

I believe it is crucial that the Mothers General of each Congregation involved in the project have a clear and defined picture of what is to be achieved. Their consent and sharing is crucial to the success of the project itself.

Sharing with the Sisters

On 15 August, at the end of the festivities, gathered together with the sisters, the Mother, who was very happy to see me, publicly welcomed me and asked me, on the following day, to explain to the 60 or so sisters present, the hic sum project and its realisation.

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I willingly spoke about the project and the Works of Mercy. However, time was short to present well the whole formation project I had carried out in Italy with Spazio Spadoni. Therefore Mother Jane organised a regional meeting to meet all the sisters and to be able to talk to them about the experience.

I feel prepared to clearly explain what is being asked of me. In the second half of July, I shared with other brothers and sisters two weeks organised with Spazio Spadoni. They were days focused exclusively on deepening the Works of Mercy, and for me it was also an opportunity to clarify some doubts or perplexities before returning to Kenya. A time of preparation so that I in turn could spread what I was fortunate enough to learn.

I thank the Lord so much for having found so much willingness and so much welcome from all my sisters.

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Sister Joan Langat Chemeli

Sisters of St. Joseph of Mombasa


Spazio Spadoni

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